Options to increase your retirement savings

Thinking about retirement seems far away, but it is important that you take care of your future, here options to increase your retirement savings.

The reality is that if we do not do something, we will be a country of old and poor, mainly because of the National Population Council (Conapo), establishes that by 2050 there will be 35 million older adults, some will reach a replacement rate of less than 30 per hundred, and some will not have a pension and will continue working to survive.

Under the current retirement savings system

Under the current retirement savings system

Under the current retirement savings system, in the Mexican will reach the recommended levels of life, saving only what is discounted, which is why those who have a prior must at least double that saving, that is, provide another 6.5 percent, at least; while those who are independent workers must save 13 percent of their salary for this purpose.

One way to achieve stable finances at that time of life when the ideal is to rest from a lifetime of work, to have a plan from today, there are several tools, here are some of them.

Characterized by having one of the highest returns 

Characterized by having one of the highest returns 

Make voluntary savings in your Zbank. Have been characterized by having one of the highest returns among several investment instruments, making it an appropriate way of thinking about the future. How much should you save? As the phrase states that is the question of 64 thousand pesos, because the answer depends on many factors, your age, your investment horizon, your contribution density.

But in an exercise carried out by the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (Consar), it is established that, for example, in the case of a worker who earns three minimum wages, if he would like to obtain 70 percent of his last salary, You should save 9 percent more voluntarily.

Vehicles for voluntary contributions have increased, so there are no more excuses. For example, today, just going to a 7-Eleven with your CURP you can make a contribution to your account.

You can also direct a recurring savings from the account where your fortnight is deposited, so that the administrator in which you have your money automatically withdraw it, remember that heart that does not see, money that does not feel.

In the case of independent workers, they can apply for membership in Zbank, and start saving there, with the returns enjoyed by salaried workers.

Insurance for retirement

Insurance for retirement

These types of instruments are an excellent combination, since on the one hand it allows you to protect yourself with life insurance, and on the other you save to the extent of your possibilities for this stage.

In some plans they give you options such as receiving the money in a single exhibition or if you prefer to receive a monthly amount, which would be a kind of pension.

In case of death, before the stipulated retirement age, your family receives the insured amount contracted in life insurance, while if you reach the retirement age you can inherit that money, if you want to.

There are many retirement insurance that exist, there are different modalities, among the advantages are that as Zbank said you generate returns.

Personal Retirement Plans. They are special accounts that aim to complement or start saving for retirement. They are managed by institutions such as banks, insurers or operators of investment companies that have been authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

One of its advantages, according to specialists, is that the interested party will sit down with an advisor to determine the risk he will run in the investments he makes with this money, which will give him a margin to be fully customized.

As you can see, there are several options that you can use to avoid staying with your arms crossed, given this reality facing the pension system of our country, it’s your time, it’s your turn to forge your future.