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10 best RPG parties in classic video games

In any video game, it’s dangerous to go alone, so it’s usually a pretty safe idea to travel in a group. These days, group RPGs are part of the course of traditional games and modern classics. But for every vault hunter looking for treasure on Pandora, there is a hero of the light who grinds and builds his stats.

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Many classic RPGs feature iconic and unforgettable player characters and party members who help move the adventure forward. From wizards and warriors to eco-terrorists and giant fighting cats, the genre is teeming with a cornucopia of heroes and heroines coming together for great adventures and battles against the forces of darkness.

ten Warriors of Light (Final Fantasy)

Final Fantasy on NES

Fundamentals are important in all areas, and RPGs are no exception. Before being the large-scale fantasy epics they are today, the genre relied on crude visuals and a lot of text. The original Final fantasy helped shape the genre for the better by introducing full and fleshed out 8-bit visuals of action and encounter, including the player’s own group of adventurers.

The Warriors of Light were basically the standard group. Starring warriors, mages, thieves, and monks, it helped frame many party systems in other RPGs for decades to come. Not much in terms of personality, but they did help lay the groundwork.

9 The Companions (Dragon Age Series)

Dragon Age Companions

On the other end of the spectrum, the Companions seen in Bioware’s iconic Dragon age series are among the most dynamic and interesting party members. While more modern than most on the roster, there are simply too many characters on the show to go unrecognized.

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From the witch Morrigan to the brutal great power of the Iron Bull, the player’s party can be as unique and diverse as they are. Whether they want to rely on force, magic, or both, each has a story.

8 Randi, Prim and Popoi (Secret Of Mana)

The three heroes visit the Moogles in Secret of Mana

Mana Secret was a cult favorite at the time, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a trailblazer ahead of the curve. Although it was considered a hybrid of Zelda and Final Fantasy, it introduced a feature that more RPGs should seriously consider.

Not only did it have a unique group of adventurers, it allowed players to change characters at will, using a variety of spells and weapons. With the choice of a swordsman, sprite, or caster, the choices are certainly magical.

7 Pokémon Teams (Pokémon Series)


It goes without saying, but the Pokemon The franchise is one of the most popular video games of any genre. And while it’s hard to pick just one winning combination, the fact that a group of players can be outfitted with hundreds of different Pokemon and Teams is more than enough to deserve a mention.

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Everyone has their favorite Pokémon starter, type, and partner, but there’s no denying that the series maintains its identity across the ocean of party members to choose from. As the saying goes, you have to catch them all.

6 Thor, Thyra, Merlin and Questor (Gauntlet)

Players wouldn’t have the kind of dungeon crawler they know today without this arcade classic. Before the days of LAN parties and MMORPGs, if gamers wanted to crush monsters and collect hordes of loot, they played Glove.

Thor the Warrior, Thyra the Valkyrie, Merlin the Sorcerer and Questor the Elf were the game’s premier champions. Drawing heavily on the realms of Dungeons and Dragons, the game has helped pull the adventure from the DM guides and onto gaming screens and consoles everywhere. Defeat the monsters, collect the treasure, don’t shoot the food, rinse and repeat.

5 Diablo Lessons (Diablo Series)

With the recent reissue of the popular Diablo II, the player classes that future monster slayers can choose from certainly deserve serious recognition. Obviously taking inspiration from the previously mentioned title, players have their choice of fantastic characters to take on the demonic forces of Prime Evil.

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Considered one of the most influential RPGs on the market, the series has nearly two decades of followers. Even after all this time, demon hunters, barbarians, and necromancers still have a mighty punch.

4 The hero, Yangus, Jessica and Angelo (Dragon Quest VIII)

One of the most determining factors of Dragon Quest series is the way the player’s group interacts with each other. They all have defined personalities, classes, and abilities, but there is an arrangement of heroes that tends to stand out among die-hard fans.

The seventh game in the franchise features a hero with a cute mouse mate, a reformed thief with a thick Cockney accent, a spectacular mage, and a delinquent monk who knows how to wield a rapier. The series itself is known to be colorful and full of personality, so there’s no reason for its player characters to be any different.

3 Cloud and Company (Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy VII Remake Group Sunset

Long after his days on the NES, the Final fantasy the series has had well over 15 entries in his decorated career. But while Summons, Heroes, and Realms can come and go, there is one that remains the gold standard the series is based on, largely due to its cast of unforgettable freedom fighters.

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Even casual fans of the genre can recognize Cloud Strife at the bare minimum, maybe even Tifa or Yuffie. Regardless, the game and its cast brought the RPG series to life in a whole new light by showing just how emotional the investment in the medium and genre can be.

2 Chrono and his friends (chrono trigger)

Wearing Final Fantasy VII armor

There is only one other Square property that could give FFVII serious competition, and this is the cast of the legendary The trigger of a stopwatch. The game itself already has a certain reputation for history and world-building, but its phenomenal and eccentric cast of characters is simply impossible to ignore.

Characters like a swordsman, inventor, princess, frog, and giant robot don’t often end up in the same game outside of Fortnite DLC, but this gang of heroes know how to make a statement. Hoping that players can see them again soon.

1 Sora, Donald and Goofy (Kingdom Hearts)

Final fantasy and Disney might not seem like two elements that would blend together well, but Kingdom Hearts is the blessed product of this union. The main reason why it ranks number one is that most players, whether players or not, already know most of the members well.

With the exception of Sora, Donald and Goofy are definitely characters with a huge support network, along with dozens of other characters joining in on the action. The Disney magic is extremely strong with these three.

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