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10 games to play online if you love Wordle

wordle is the word game that has taken the world by storm. The game gives players 6 turns to guess the 5-letter mystery word. There are clues given along the way, such as when a player puts the correct letter in the correct place, then that letter turns green, but when the correct letter is in the wrong place, that letter turns yellow, while the letters incorrect characters become completely grayed out, making it easy to see which letters remain. The game refreshes every 24 hours, so players only have one chance to play per day (unless they’re super sneaky and open a private browser to try again).

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Wordle was created by Josh Wardle who wanted to make a game for his wife who loved word games, however, the game exploded from 90 players per day in November 2021 to 2 million in January 2022. The explosion of the popularity of the games led it to be acquired by The New York Times for over $1,000,000.

For those who want more of a challenge


Quordle is essentially wordle multiplied by four. Players have nine guesses to get each of the four words. Each time you enter a word, you get hints for all four words, as in wordle.

First of all, Quordle attracted no more than a few dozen players however, as of March 2022, over 2 million people were playing daily. Quordle is a bit more complicated than wordle, but it’s great fun and there’s a new game available every day.


For the Swifties


Taylordle is the word game created for hardcore Taylor Swift Fans. Created by developer Full Stack, Hannah Parkthe game is a tribute to wordleslightly modified for lovers of the megastar musician.

The rules are exactly the same as wordlehowever, the words all relate to Taylor Swift, they can be anything from her song lyrics to album titles, famous friends or even the names of her exes.

For globetrotters


World is one for geography buffs. Each day, players are given a different country to guess within 6 tries. After each land, the player incorrectly guesses that they are given two clues, the direction the mystery land is in and how far it is from the one they guessed.

Even if you’ve traveled the world, World is quite difficult, so kudos to anyone who can do it without looking at a map.

For those who prefer numbers


Nerdle is the game that uses numbers and mathematical symbols instead of letters, players have 6 attempts using the numbers and symbols to make an equation instead of a word.

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The correct number or symbol in the wrong place will turn brown, while the correct number or symbol in the right place will turn green, leaving invalid numbers and symbols to turn black. Nerdle is not for the faint hearted, it takes a lot of time and skill, and a lot of patience.

For music fans


Heardle is every music lover’s dream game, players initially receive a one second snippet of a song’s intro, if they know it, they can search the artist and song in the search bar .

If the answer is incorrect or the player presses skip, they unlock an additional 2 seconds, then an additional 4 seconds, and so on, until they reach 16 seconds. It’s a super fun daily challenge for anyone looking to put their musical knowledge to the test.

For those who just can’t wait

Unlimited words is exactly what you think it is, wordle that you can play all day every day.

Same rules, same theme, except you can play all day without having to wait a whole 24 hours for the next word.

For creative typesmy word

my word is a fun and interactive version of the original. If you think you have an idea for a better word why not donate my word a shot and test it out on your friends.

my word is just like wordle except you pick the word, obviously that means you can’t guess it yourself, but it’s exciting to share it with other people.

For Trekkers


Hiking is the same as wordle except the words are all inspired by StarTrek. If you’re not a fan of the movies, you might find this game more difficult as many of the words belong exclusively to the franchise.

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If you really like the game and fancy yourself a Star Trek expert, you can even join Discord and suggest some words yourself.

For right brains


Playing Waffle, users receive 15 attempts to rearrange the letters into the correct words both horizontally and diagonally. Moving a letter is equivalent to one turn, with the remaining number of turns appearing below the Waffle.

Similar to wordle, correct letters in the correct square turn green and correct letters in the wrong square turn yellow. Waffle can seem intimidating at first, but once you get started it’s easier than it looks.

For pot mouths


obscene is the naughty little game that is great fun. Yes wordle had an evil twin it would be obscenethe game is almost identical to the original, with one big exception, it only accepts swear words.

obscene was created by Rogue One: A Star Wars scriptwriter Gary Whitta and he made sure to include all the rude words, seriously nothing is off limits, no matter how offensive.

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