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10 longest video game swords of all time, ranked by size

Many video games put the player in the shoes of a hero armed with swords. Many players love it when they can swing around a legendary blade of unimaginable power.

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Over the years, there have been swords of all shapes and sizes that players have had the chance to fight or in some cases fight. To say that every sword fights the same wouldn’t be true, given that the shape of each blade can influence its use, and it’s without the supernatural powers that many of these swords come with. Some of these swords are so incredibly long that video game fans have taken note.

ten Soul Edge is approximately 4.6 feet in length (Soul Calibur)

Soul Edge for the sword length article

One of the main swords of the Soul Calibur the franchise (Soul Edge) has a slightly inconsistent length. He’s been shown to be different depending on who wields him, as when Pyrrha Omega wielded him in Soul Calibur V.

But the wearer who used it the most also used it at its longest known length of 4.6 feet. This carrier is none other than Siegfried, whose Nightmare form is one of the most iconic in the series.

9 At 5 feet in length and about a foot in width, Aramasa packs a mighty punch (Blazblue)

aramasa item for sword length

Ragna the Bloodedge’s sword is arguably one of the most recognizable weapons in the entire Blazblue franchise. This 5ft long sword is not only a sword, as it can also become a scythe, but its length is not increased much by this transformation.

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Ragna originally obtained Aramasa from Jubei, who took them from the ruins of a church. This sword originally belonged to a hero known as the Bloodedge. Ragna has already put down the blade before, only to take it back for the next match.

8 Measuring 5.5 feet, the crucible blade cuts demons like butter (DOOM: Eternal)

crucible for sword length article

Powered by the energy of Hell, the Crucible is wielded by the Doom Guy in his continuing quest to tear apart and tear apart all of Hell’s demons. In DOOM: eternal, it has been revealed that there are several of these blades.

The energy blade created by this sword is incredibly hot and is capable of slashing even the most powerful of demons Hell can throw at the Doom Guy. This 5.5-foot-long blade has gone through a few different iterations, but the most recognized now gives it a red blade.

7 With its three-blade-in-one design, the X-Blade is approximately 5.8 feet in length (Kingdom Hearts)

x blade for sword length item

As one of the focal points of the Dark Seeker saga for Kingdom Hearts, the power of the X-Blade is one that carriers everywhere are sought after and have waged a war. The true completion of this 5.8-foot-long blade would not be achieved until the events of Kingdom Hearts III, where it ultimately ended up in the hands of Master Xehanort.

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The design of this keyblade is among the most unique in the franchise, using two Kingdom Keys as a base, leading to a larger blade. The X-Blade holds the power to truly unlock Kingdom Hearts and the power to reset all worlds to zero.

6 The fragility of Biggoron’s sword is offset by its 5.9-foot range. (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time)

biggorons sword for sword length item

This 5.9-foot-long sword made its initial appearance in the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is the reward the player receives for completing a long and arduous trade quest. The power of this sword is double that of the main sword, but it does have its share of drawbacks.

One of those drawbacks is the fact that this sword breaks after a little too much use. The other is that Link cannot defend himself when this sword is used, so using this sword effectively requires a lot of caution.

5 Z-Saber’s 6 feet of plasma make short work of enemy reploids (Mega Man X)

z saber for sword length item

The Z-Saber of Mega man x the franchise is one of the most recognizable weapons Capcom has ever created. This 6-foot-long sword is wielded by Zero and in rare cases, X. In Mega Man X3, the player had their first chance to use this sword, and it only took a bite out of enemies and bosses.

Of course, as the series progressed, this weapon became a mainstay, so they had to drastically reduce its potency. To compensate for this, they introduced techniques that Zero could use in combat to improve his sword handling.

4 Cloud’s iconic Buster sword is 6.1 feet long (Final Fantasy VII)

sword buster for sword length item

One of the most iconic swords in the game is the Buster Sword of Final Fantasy VII. This blade has a massive 6.1 feet long and an impressive width, and if that’s not enough, it weighs well over one hundred and four pounds. Cloud’s improved strength is what allows him to rotate it without much difficulty.

However, Cloud isn’t the first person to wield this legendary sword. Zack Fair was the first to use it. Cloud would eventually replace this iconic weapon with the Fusion Sword, which is as if the Buster Sword was made up of several smaller swords.

3 Devil Sword Dante is approximately 7 feet long (Devil May Cry V)

dante devil sword for sword length item

Make his first appearance in Devil may cry v, Demon Sword Dante is easily the longest sword in the series at 7 feet long. That’s at least true when in the hands of Dante’s Sin Devil Trigger form, which stands around 7.5 feet tall.

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The power of this sword is first summoned by Dante during his confrontation with the Demon King Urizen. This sword length increases slightly in Sin Devil Trigger mode as well as when certain attacks are used with it.

2 Sephiroth’s ridiculously long Masamune is 7.4 feet long (Final Fantasy)

Masamune for sword length article

Sephiroth’s Masamune is an infamous sword with gamers all over the world, especially considering all the evil deeds done with this sword. Make an appearance in the Final fantasy series like Sephiroth’s weapon, this sword’s length (7.4 feet) is part of what makes it so menacing. This gives Sephiroth a great distance from any opponents who try to approach him.

Despite its inconvenient length, Sephiroth can maneuver it as if it were a regular two-handed weapon. Gamers will likely see this weapon in the years to come as more content related to Final Fantasy VII continues to free itself.

1 Shulk’s Monado is changing more than the future with its ever-changing length (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Monado for sword length item

What sword could be longer than Masamune? The simple answer to this is a sword that can grow exponentially. The Monado is Shulk’s weapon in Chronicles of Xenoblade and its power is that which players hear and see abundantly. In its compact form, it is no more than 4.6 feet long.

When the Monado is in its basic combat form, its size increases dramatically to around 7.6 feet, and to top it off, the main blade is made of light and it expands depending on the power used. During Shulk’s climactic encounter with Metal Face on Prison Island, he took on a considerably longer length. Given the nature of the Monado, it’s obvious that the full extent of the blade’s power has never been shown. There’s also the fact that it was directly related to the giant Bionis, which would put this sword in a category of its own.

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