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10 rival video game franchises that should just cross paths

The game world is full of weird crossovers. Super Smash Bros. is probably the most famous, bringing together tons of series under one roof. It’s a testament to the love for the different game worlds that so many companies and collaborators can come together to celebrate. But these are the massive crosses; what about smaller rates?

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It’s easy to get together when franchises are under the roofs of Nintendo or Capcom. But when it comes to studios collaborating on smaller crossovers, it can be more difficult. Language and geographic barriers can make crossbreeding difficult, while trying to decide how to format it. It can even be difficult when both franchises are owned by the same parent company! But even still, fans are clamoring for more crossovers from their favorite gaming rivals.


Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat

Ryu Street Fighter Mortal Kombat Cover

street fighter went through with a lot of games. He runs into his arcade rivals king of fighters and Tekken, and The World Warriors even faced off against Marvel X Men. But a crossover possibility has been brewing in the minds of fans since the 90s: and it is street fighter vs. Mortal combat.

At first glance, this makes sense; brands are number one and two in fighting games, and have similar gameplay. But there are a lot of issues with a possible crossover. Thematically, street fighter is not as bloody as the violent Mortal combat. And Kombat is essentially an unknown franchise in Japan, SFis at home. This greatly reduces the chances that fans will ever see these two titans go head to head.

Bayonetta x Devil May Cry

Bayonetta and DMC

Bayonetta and The devil can cry can both trace their action game lineage back to one man. That man is Hideki Kamiya, Twitter troll and director of Platinum Games Studio. Both games are combo-rich action games with main characters. Unfortunately, despite the shared creator, one is owned by Sega and the other by Capcom.

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The series can be both third-person action games (often referred to as action characters), but they mechanically diverged. DMC Now shoots from a wide variety of combat styles that can be switched on the fly, while Bayonetta focuses more on ranged combat with elements of weather manipulation. This gives them a reason to compete, because mechanically they are quite different. Fans have speculated on a connection between Bayonetta and Dante’s bloodlines for years, so they would certainly be delighted to see them meet.

Minecraft x Terraria

Minecraft Terraria Resource Pack

Minecraft is the most popular game in the world, so of course it has imitators. But not all copies are uninspired garbage; Minecraft-an inspired indie hit Terrariums is actually the top rated game on Steam. While the games both include a lot of mining and crafting, they do so in different ways. Especially, Minecraft is in 3D and Terrariums is in 2D.

The differences go deeper than that, however. MinecraftMechanics are all in the service of exploration and construction of structures. TerrariumsThe mechanics of s relate to the manufacture of combat weapons. While any cross would have to cross the dimensional barrier between the two products, but an intermediate cross would be great.

Ratchet and Clank x Jak and Daxter

Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter

Technically, these two franchises are owned by Sony. But a bit like crash and Spyro Before them, the fans want to see these two titans of the PS2 platform come together. Ratchet & Clank continue to be relevant with their recent excellent release on PS5. Corn Jak and Daxter I haven’t done a recent release so it would be nice to see them again.

These two 2000s franchises are combat-focused duos with weapons. They also became more grainy as they both went; Jak’s opening words in the sequel contained “Kill”. After the fantastic Rift apart on PS5, it might be time to Ratchet & Clank to explore other universes. So far, their only major crossover is in Playstation All-Stars, and that is not enough.

Pokémon x Digimon

Pokemon Unite Digimon Agumon

The two titans of the genre’s monster collection have both been silently in their niches for a long time now. But in the 90s, it was one-on-one between Pocket monsters and the Tamagotchi spin off. Pokemon VS Digimon was a great rivalry alongside Mario and Sonic. Although over time people have come to terms with the two doing their own thing.

But that’s what would make the Pikachu x Agumon encounter interesting. Pokemon is more focused on collecting and fighting. Corn Digimon, being the successor of Tamagotchi, focuses more on aspects of virtual pets. There is already a natural way for a crossover: the digital boxes of the Pokemon series. Hopefully the first two Mon franchises will end up making music together.

Dragon Quest x Final Fantasy

Several heroes from Dragon Quest, Cloud and Sephiroth

The best JRPG franchises were originally competitors, published separately by Square and Enix. But of course these days the two have merged into Square-Enix. It is therefore surprising that the series have never crossed paths in a major way. Apart from nods and minor cameos, the only substantial cross between Final fantasy and Dragon Quest are in Fortune Street and Super Smash Bros..

Some might say that the real crossover are games where the staff of the two have worked; like the famous the trigger of a stopwatch. And while this game is fantastic, it’s not a true crossover. As the two series are very standalone, it would be enough to see Slimes and Moogles side by side. One therefore wonders why Cid and Erdrick continued to be separated.

Ace Attorney x Danganronpa

Danganronpa and Ace Attorney Art

Capcom As Lawyer and Spike-Chunsoft’s Danganronpa are great series of visual novels in games. Both are trial-based mystery games, though they both take different approaches. As Lawyer inspired Danganronpa, but the two showed their appreciation for each other. Because As Lawyer already crossed with Professor Layton, it’s time to give Danganronpa There are.

As LawyerThe murder mystery format is episodic, but Danganronpa takes a more “descending party” approach. Always, As Lawyer has already bridged structural differences in Layton crossing. Perhaps a gameplay median could be found, combining courtroom antics with Danganronpait’s weird mini-games. Either way, absurd mysteries will certainly result.

Resident Evil x Silent Hill

Dame D and Pyramid Head

A bit like with Ratchet and Jak, here are two titans of the Playstation. These horror titles are the work of Capcom and Konami, and approach the genre differently. resident Evil is often considered an action game in the modern age. While in modern times silent Hill simply does not exist.

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Well, that’s a bit of a stretch. silent Hill has made several cameos and guest appearances, even appearing alongside resident Evil in Death by the light of day. There is certainly at least a little desire to bring the brand back despite the fact that it hasn’t played in years. Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield could therefore end up making their way through Silent Hill.

Uncharted x Tomb Raider

When it comes to iconic game characters, great personalities are the name of the game. And two of the biggest are the stars of archeology adventures. Unexplored and Grave robber. Nathan Drake and Lara Croft are two great personalities with legendary status. While Sony owns the rights to Unexplored can make a crossover difficult, Lara and Nate should definitely meet.

Both characters are Playstation icons as well, despite Croft’s third-party status. While Croft’s rebooted form might not be the version people remember from the PS1, it would be a shame not to see any form of her meet Nate. Whether it’s the more fun original or the more realistic reboot of Lara, the Twin Guns must meet the best climber in the game.

Mario x Sonic in a platform game

Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Technically, Mario and Sonic already cross paths all the time. They are well known for the Olympics crossover series, as well as Sonic appearing in Smash Bros. But other than those fallout, these console war rivals haven’t crossed paths in their primary form. Players need a Super Mario meets Sonic the hedgehog platform game.

While the Olympics are fun and symbolic of the better relationship between their developers, that’s not the other’s main draw. Sonic’s speed and Mario’s jumps need to be reduced to work in Events. A game where both characters are allowed to bring their own physics and bonuses to progress would be really cool. Plus, imagine the fun interactions between Luigi and Tails, and Bowser and Eggman! It sounds like a 90s dream come true.

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