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10 Video Game Worlds Bigger Than Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed maps have grown since the franchise shifted to open-world RPGs after the release of Origins. It has already been pointed out that Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey weighed in at 230 km², but Ubisoft’s own developers have confirmed that the newest addition to the series, Assassin’s Creed: Walhallais even bigger.

Players can and do have estimated map sizes when the developers don’t announce exact dimensions. One of the most common ways is to guess the height of a player model and see how long it takes to walk from one end of the map to the other. A little simple algebra later, and you have the approximate dimensions of a map. Read on to explore some of the gaming world’s greatest creations.

ten Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

Two ghost bikers on top of a Bolivian mountain in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wild Lands takes place in a fictional Bolivia in the near future. Led by drug cartels, players can team up in 3-way co-op to bring some semblance of justice to wild lands‘ lawless landscape.

The game world itself is huge by any open-world standard: at 273 km², it’s even bigger than its successor. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. A sandbox game with lots to do, wild lands feels like an inhabited world thanks to its massive map size, but its hordes of narco enemies ensure players are always kept busy. And if players ever get bored of this massive world, there are tons of great mods out there too.


9 The Lord of the Rings online

The Shire in The Lord of the Rings Online;  the sun breaks through the clouds.

You don’t just get into Mordor – unless of course you’re playing The Lord of the Rings online. Released in 2007, this LOTR MMO may look and feel a little dated (so much so that the developers considered a facelift for the game in 2020), but its faithfully recreated version of Middle-earth feels alive and full of locations that have never been part of it. Peter Jackson trilogies.

Conservative estimates place the LOTRO game world approximately 410 km² (larger than World of Warcraft), although the game has seen several updates since this figure was calculated. Besides the traditional path of the stock market, there are also other regions to visit. In 2019, a Hobbit named Lil of Laurelin walked for 14 hours straight, traveling from Forochel Ice Bay in the far north to Gondor, before turning northeast and passing through Mirkwood, Lothlorien and Erebor.

8 True Crime: The Streets of LA

Cop kicks gang member in True Crimes: Streets of LA

Released nearly 20 years ago in 2003, True Crime: The Streets of LA features the real city of Los Angeles as a playable area. The map stretches from the Pacific Coast Highway in the west to the LA River in the east. Players can traverse iconic neighborhoods like Venice, Hollywood, Koreatown, and Los Feliz as they embark on a crusade against LA’s organized crime.

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LA is a huge place in real life, and the game – ancient as it is – recreates much of it, including even the neighboring city of Santa Monica. With 622 km², this version of the City of Angels even beats GTA 5Map of southern San Andreas.

7 just cause 3

Rico Rodriguez tackles a burning helicopter in Just Cause 3 in Medici.

Located on the sunny Mediterranean island of Medici, just cause 3 presents one of the largest land-based game worlds in existence. With a breathtaking weight of 2,000 km², it makes Skyrim look like a child’s toy. For the skeptics, keep in mind that just cause features vehicles to drive, making players feel like they’re in a much smaller place than they actually are.

With all that space, there’s plenty to do: players – using an array of high-tech gadgets and weapons of mass destruction – can participate in the game’s captivating story, or they can simply embrace the action- adventure and start blowing stuff up high.

6 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Plane flies over London over the River Thames in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Back with vengeance Microsoft Flight Simulator is about as real as it gets for everyday flight enthusiasts. Featuring a 1:1 replica of Earth, the game world in Flight simulator corresponds to the actual area of ​​the world: 510 million km². With loads of different planes to try out, players can experience the world of flight in endless ways.

And thanks to the powers of photogrammetry – the same technology used by DICE to create photorealistic environmental assets for Star Wars: BattlefrontFlight simulator actually reflects reality. Real-world buildings in some of the planet’s most iconic cities are rendered in exactly the same places as in real life, making Flight simulatorThe game world is not only large, but precise and detailed.

5 Minecraft

A ship and a castle in Minecraft, with NVIDIA RTX enabled

Of course, the blocky, low-poly world of Minecraft doesn’t look like much to the uninitiated. But try walking in one direction for a while and you’ll be amazed that you still can’t see the edge of the world. Minecraft measures 900 million km², and that doesn’t even take into account that players can dig and build in three dimensions. In case you missed it, it’s larger than the surface of the Earth!

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Despite its simplicity, the game continues to offer a massive sandbox environment for just about anything. No wonder even universities are turning to Minecraft to organize student events.

4 star citizen

A squadron of ships flies through space above a planet in Star Citizen.

And just like that, we leave the confines of solid ground, venturing into that final frontier: space. star citizen, although it entered early access in 2013, is not yet complete. But despite the long development time, there’s no denying that the universe of star citizen is and will be massive, though only a handful of planets and space stations are actually very detailed.

With next-generation procedural landscape tools, star citizenThe planets of are fully explorable, even if they look a little desolate. Claiming to have at least 100 planetary systems in the works, the space simulation already has a linear distance of 52 million km between just two planets.

3 EVE online

A massive space battle in EVE Online

An MMO like no other, EVE online continues to attract players to this day. Its hardcore player base, combined with its complex economy and massive explorable universe, sets it apart in the crowded realm of space games. With 8,000 star systems, it’s no surprise that DAY BEFORE also holds a Guinness World Record for the costliest battle in a video game: in a 24-hour period, $378,012 worth of ships were destroyed in the M2-XFE massacre.

With a total area of ​​11,126,487.6 Astronomical Units² (AU) — or 249 sextillion km² — the playable universe of EVE online earns its place in halls of grandeur when it comes to size. DAY BEFOREThe community of also seems to have a heart as big as the galaxies of the game: players have contributed the equivalent of 330 years of research on COVID-19 during the pandemic.

2 Elite Dangerous

A spaceship flies close to the surface of a rocky planet in Elite: Dangerous

With 400 billion star systems to discover, Elite Dangerous has by far one of the greatest game worlds ever created. Unsurprisingly, according to the developers, only 0.028% of star systems in the game have been discovered. Boasting an immersive in-game economy, crafting system and a diverse range of starships, Elite Dangerous is great in more ways than just its playable space.

Taken from the original Elite 1984 video game, Dangerous bravely continued to iterate on already thrilling gameplay. Its latest paid update, Odysseyfeatures a huge change from the original game’s gameplay only for ships to action on the ground.

1 No Man’s Sky

No Mans Sky, a snowy planet with circular alien ruins and a large moon.

It’s hard to beat Elite Dangerous when it comes to scale, but No Man’s Sky manages to do just that. Barely ahead of its competitor in space exploration, No Man’s Sky features 255 galaxies to explore, each containing hundreds of star systems, which then contain multiple planets. Fancy a trip to each of the game’s planets? Good luck, finalists, because it will take you about 600 billion years on a good day.

Like its other space-themed rivals, No Man’s Sky makes prolific use of procedural generation to make possible the monumental task of building an entire universe, even remotely, as an independent studio. With work underway for future free expansions, the universe can only expand. It seems that for No Man’s sky, the horizons are limitless.

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