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10 ways to recognize the 2009 video game

In 2009, Terminal Reality released a spiritual successor to ghost hunters franchise titled Ghostbusters: The Video Game which allowed players to be part of the Ghostbusters team and tackle new and old ghostly threats. It has been dubbed “Ghostbusters III” by fans of the franchise and allows players to take on the role of a rookie helping the Ghostbusters save New York City.

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Audiences will be reintroduced to the Ghostbusters universe when Ghostbusters: the afterlife theatrical releases. The boys in gray have a chance to reach new eyes when this next entry in the series is released. However, Ghostbusters: The Video Game has a few things that can be made for new and old fans to enjoy.

ten The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is Everywhere in NYC

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man lasered down by Ghostbuster in video game

The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is one of the most iconic characters in all of 80s cinema. Ghostbusters: The Video Game brought back the marshmallow with a red tie for another fight. The team fights against the big guy while hanging off the side of a building until he falls and is splashed all over the block below. With a dramatic ending like this, Ghostbusters: the afterlife has the opportunity to recognize that the city and its inhabitants would never be the same again after such an event.

9 The mythology of Ivo Shandor and the cult of Gozer

zuul hellhound ghostbusters featured

Ivo Shandor is the founder of the Cult of Gozer. The original building ghost hunters was designed by him, and much of the events that take place in the Ghostbusters universe began or are the result of Shandor’s teachings. Stay-Puft, Gozer, Vinz Clortho, and Zuul, everything fans of the show know can be found in Ivo’s Cult of Gozer.

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game has Ivo Shandor in every facet of his story. It would be surprising if the next installment in the series didn’t include the architect of all of this.

8 New York City loves Gozer

Gozer in Ghostbusters.

Gozer the Gozerian was not a well-known entity during the events of the first two ghost hunters movies. Ghostbusters: The Video Game throws a key in the works by dedicating an exhibit at the New York Museum of Natural History to the Sumerian God of Destruction and displaying numerous artifacts and tomes to educate the city. The Sumerian god part of the popular culture of the universe after the events of the game, Ghostbusters: the afterlife should take into account that people are much more aware of those who tried to take over the world just a few decades ago.

7 The Spirit Realm has a home in New York

ghost hunters 1984

New York has always had a special importance in the ghost hunters universe, and it is an equally important framework in Ghostbusters: The Video Game. The crew discovers that there are three points in New York City that connect the Spirit Realm to the real world. Alternate dimensions, endless voids, and teleportation stairs are new experiences for Ghostbusters and are experiences that will change them forever. Ray Stanz was still on the hunt for evidence from the afterlife, and a ghost portal to another realm might be something a new Ghostbusters crew would find fascinating.

6 Dr. Venkman has a new love interest

Ghostbusters Venkman and Selwyn

Team Ghostbusters works best when the boys cooperate to trap the ghosts and save the city from the next great spiritual apocalypse. However, Dr. Venkman was always the only member of the team to pass on the spiritual work to one another while he rescues the damsel in distress. In Ghostbusters: the video game, the team and Dr. Llysa Selwyn, a Gozer expert and museum curator, are working together to tackle the latest ghost infestation in New York City. The story ends when Dr. Venkman wins the affection of Dr. Sewlyn. Ghostbusters: the afterlife can bring this relationship to the next installment in the ghost hunters franchise.

5 Ghostbusters love to show off their work

The Ghostbusters are definitely the ones who take trophies from their work in the city. The video game allows the player to interact and view the artifacts they collect during their adventures as well as some of the main films. For example, Vigo The Carpathian is sitting on the ground floor of the fire station, the dancing toaster is on the pool table.

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The crew decorates the base with every Haunted Relic they come across. It would be interesting to see what artifacts and relics a new Ghostbusters team would encounter in the next installment in the franchise.

4 Walter Peck has a thank you for the Ghostbusters

Each person or group has its antithesis. Dumbledore has Voldemort, Snow White has the Wicked Witch and the Ghostbusters has Walter Peck. This hatred is lightly suppressed for a few seconds in the video game before Peck becomes himself again. Walter Peck’s body is possessed, and the crew use their proton packs to rip the spirit of their host. Peck may hate Ghostbusters, but part of him has to be thankful that he doesn’t have a designated driver behind the wheel. Walter Peck’s behavior could be altered after events such as these.

3 The Return of the Slime Mood

The rising action of Ghostbusters: The Video Game takes place in the middle of the East River, just off the New York coast. New clues lead the team to the remains of the once submerged Shandor Castle. While searching the land, the Ghostbusters discover that this fortress is not just a castle. The castle serves as a factory to produce the black slime that appeared in previous films in the series. It’s a major reveal, and maybe that’s what the crew Ghostbusters: the afterlife work towards.

2 The giant sloar is fully realized

Spirits and ghosts can take any shape imaginable, from library ghosts to giant marshmallows. The giant sloar mentioned by the Keymaster in the original ghost hunters has always been an entity that viewers were curious about. In the video game, players were able to sate this curiosity and fight a giant sloar for themselves.

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The game allows players to appreciate the character who was only mentioned in the franchise movie. Ghostbusters: the afterlife has the opportunity to come back to the entities and the spirits that we spoke about but never visualized in the franchise and to give them bodies to accompany the names.

1 Make room for a new member

Being a part of the Ghostbusters team is an experience that many viewers wanted when watching movies. Ghostbusters: The Video Game allows the player to interact directly with the team and save New York from Ivo Shandor, Slimer and Stay Puft. During the story’s conclusion, the player is told that their help was greatly appreciated, but that there isn’t enough work to support five Ghostbusters in New York City. Dr. Venkman offers the player a franchise opportunity in another city. The Ghostbusters: the afterlife the team could turn to the former fifth member of the famous team for help.

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