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5 Reasons Fans Want To See Crossplay In GTA Online

GTA 5 and its online counterpart have been around for a long time, and the game will soon be celebrating its tenth anniversary. However, a feature requested by many fans since the game’s inception has not been implemented in the game.

This feature is cross-platform play, found in many popular multiplayer games these days. This feature allows players from different platforms to play together. This article takes a look at some of the most logical reasons why players still want to see crossplay in GTA Online.

5 Reasons to Implement Crossplay in GTA Online

5) Most online games have it

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In the realm of video games, cross-platform compatibility is becoming more and more vital. Crossplay has gotten a lot of attention, thanks to games like Fortnite and Rocket League. Currently, the majority of big budget multiplayer games have at least some cross-platform features.

As a result, fans want to see crossplay in every online game they play, as it has become the norm rather than a niche feature. Since GTA Online is available on all major platforms, some fans think cross-play should be a natural addition.

Many gamers are eagerly awaiting Rockstar’s inclusion of this feature in a major update. There are several multiplayer games today that support cross-play even on their Switch or Android versions.

4) Reduces waiting time

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In games that are extremely popular, this is not a significant issue. However, in games with a smaller playerbase, it can help speed up the process of finding a server in-game. This results in faster load times, making the game less tedious to play .

GTA Online doesn’t have as many active players as it used to, and longtime fans are losing interest because of it. Most players avoid certain game modes because there aren’t enough players to start the matchmaking process.

Crossplay will help the game regain popularity by allowing more players to interact with each other.

3) No need for multiple purchases

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Players who purchased GTA 5 on their PlayStation 4 will not be able to access the game on their Xbox One unless they redeem it on the latter console. This can be inconvenient for players who switch to another console.

Most gamers caught in this situation will not buy the game again. This is because GTA Online has a lot of grinding and it takes countless hours to do it. Starting from scratch after years of effort is too much for most gamers to bear.

However, crossplay will ensure that these players don’t lose interest in the game. In the meantime, they can also transfer their saves without worrying about starting their progress over from scratch.

2) Stable servers

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When a player starts cross-platform play, they are automatically placed on the most stable servers. If two players are using different platforms, the game will be hosted on the better of the two servers.

This allows for more consistent gameplay with fewer server crashes. Since there will be more alternate servers to choose from, server outages in GTA Online will affect fewer players.

1) Play with friends on multiple platforms

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Playing with friends is the most obvious reason for wanting crossplay. Gone are the days of console exclusivity when certain games were only available on PlayStation or Xbox. Gamers today won’t lose much if they only have one of the two major consoles.

Buying a console, however, is an expensive proposition, especially in today’s market. When a major game does not support cross-play, players cannot play with their friends who are on a different platform.

One of the most crucial purposes of multiplayer games is allowing players to hang out with their friends in the virtual world. The lack of crossplay defeats this purpose, and as a result, many gamers may avoid purchasing the game in the first place.

To note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

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