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67% say video game stories are better than movies

A new survey has found that 67% now think video game stories are far superior to those found on TV or in the movies. While some may scoff at the idea, the survey conducted by presentation design agency Buffalo 7 provides legitimate grounds for debate.

The gaming industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. It now represents over half of the UK entertainment market and is larger in North America than Hollywood. As such, there is a much more common conversation about the quality of video games than ever before. And one of the biggest topics is storytelling.

Known as secondary to action, and dismissed as childish, storytelling in video games has always been ignored. That is changing though – with games like The Witcher 3, The last of us and God of the war bringing cinematic and radical storylines that strike the player on an emotional level.

Eager to find out which game had the best scenario of all, Buffalo 7 surveyed 1,158 respondents. By orchestrating two rounds of research, one a survey and the other a data index on games released after 2010, they have now revealed the most revered and memorable video game stories in video games.

Ranking the best stories in the game

Take post 2010 games known for their great storylines and sought after review articles, Google, Reddit, and YouTube to find out just how popular each story was. These “story success” factors were then given weighted scores, with a total score greater than 100.

The clue reveals that The last of us has the most revered storyline in the game – with a score of 88/100. This is followed by God of the war with 72/100 and Red Dead Redemption 2, with 71/100.

The games were rated based on the length of the main story, the number of Google visits to the game in the context of the story discussions. It also included the number of times the term “game X has a good story” appeared on Google, as well as the number of times the game appeared in articles on the “Best Story-Based Games” articles at Google page 1-10.

The survey also pulled up the average critical score rating on sites like ScreenRant, the Gamer, What Culture, PC Gamer, the number of appearances in YouTube ranking videos for “Best Story Driven Games” and the count of appearances. in the AskReddit threads ‘What Game Has The Best Story.’

Source: Ox 7

Video game’s most memorable story

Of the 1,158 people surveyed, 67% said modern video game scenarios are now better than TV and movies.

Responses have been classified to reveal that The last of us has the most memorable video game history, with a majority of 47% of responses placing it in first place. The Witcher III next comes with 35% followed by God of the war (2018) with 31%.

“People haven’t always associated video games with good stories,” says James Robinson, director of marketing at Buffalo 7. The gameplay itself. People weren’t playing video games for storylines.

However, Robinson added that the game has only gotten stronger, both in terms of the increasing quality of games and the colossal growth of the gaming industry as a whole.

“The game has gone from outlier to mainstream, and as such, storytelling has grown as well. It’s no surprise that Naughty Dog’s The last of us came out on top in our two datasets. The game tells a gripping and emotionally draining story and it’s no wonder we’ll see it adapted in the HBO series soon.

Top 10 Most Memorable Video Game Stories

The Last of Us 47%
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt 35%
God of War (2018) 31%
Red Dead Redemption 2 28%
Horizon Zero Dawn 24%
Portal 2 20%
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 19%
Subtitle 17%
Hades 10%
Marvel’s Spider-Man 8%

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