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8 Best Female Video Game Characters With Red Hair

Redheads are stereotypically fiery and never afraid to be who they want to be. That’s definitely the case for these badass video game babes. While some may associate having red hair with anger or ferocity, many depictions of such hair color seem to have proven the stereotype wrong. After all, while some of the female characters in the game are meant to be the love interest, more and more women have climbed the ladder of success and are portrayed in new, more powerful lights.

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Many of these characters are made to be particularly recognizable, especially with their colored or natural red hair. Because of such design, it becomes especially hard to overlook some of the best redheads in video game history.


8 Aloy: Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West

Many will know her from the recent sequel, Forbidden Horizon Westor its even more popular predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn. This redhead is one of the most popular and well-known female characters in video games right now. She’s a strong and powerful protagonist who has a wonderful story that spans two major video games.

Aloy is a great character to play and explore this machine-filled world, especially with the graphics this game presents. It’s hard not to sit back and take in both the scenery and the style of Aloy herself.

7 Nariko: Celestial Sword

Although it is an older game, A heavenly sword is a grand action-adventure experience where players take on the role of the main character, Nariko. Nariko is an incredibly powerful woman with combat skills that seem to be unmatched by anyone but the gods. She has bright red hair that seems to keep flowing down her body and was probably a crush on a lot of people in the early 2000s.

Nonetheless, this character is everything people wanted to see from a protagonist like Nariko. She is beautiful, powerful and will do anything to protect her clan and those she loves.

6 Joanna Dark: perfect black

Straight out of the success of one of the most decisive games in history, golden eyeperfect black had a lot to do, especially since it was a while after golden eyes Release. However, they were ultimately able to make the game a success as players were able to take down the aliens as badass fighter Joanna Dark.

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Joanna Dark is a classic spy heroine who has all the skills, determination, and gear to save the world over and over again. In addition to the black and blue suit, Dark wears short but flamboyant red hair and a pair of guns strapped to his leg.

5 Misty: Pokemon

When most people are told to think of a famous redhead from video games, it’s typically Misty. After all, Pokemon is perhaps one of the best-known games in history and one that keeps players captivated by both its story, its gameplay, but above all its characters.

One of the best-known characters is the charming Misty. She’s a big water type Pokemon coach that the player meets in both Red and Blueand Gold and Money. In keeping with the theme of PokemonMisty is bubbly, adorable and extremely horny, red hair and all.

4 Moira Brown: Fallout 3

While she may not be the main character of the story, Moira Brown is proof that no matter how eccentric people can be, anyone can make a decent living in the apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 3.

With a short buzzcut, many players can still catch a glimpse of her red hair when she’s human. In this state, she is known as the owner of Megaton’s Craterside Supply and will help players get everything they need. A deeper dive into his character and it will reveal a very intelligent person who dreams of writing a survival guide to help unsuspecting travelers stay alive.

3 Triss Merigold: The Witcher 2

Few redhead game characters are as famous or as cosplayed as the legendary Triss Merigold. Her bright red hair is enough to draw attention to anyone who passes by, especially the witcher, who is very interested in her life and heart.

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Although not a redhead in any aspect other than acting, Triss is a powerful witch who is never afraid to do what she has to do to survive or save the witcher from a difficult situation. Whenever the player is in trouble, they can only hope to see the glow of bright red hair.

2 Poison Ivy: Arkham Knight

Poison Ivy is the excitable but murderous redhead who can often bring Gotham to its knees. He is a fantastic character who has conquered much of the world of Gotham through television shows and video games, in particular Arkham Knight.

While players can’t fully experience her wrath or full power in this game, they do get a sense of what she’s capable of. She is incredibly powerful and stands out as a particularly memorable character in this wonderful adventure game.

1 Moira O’Deorain: Overwatch

Any fan of Surveillance will know Moira. She’s a great healer, DPS, or really whatever she needs to be in a tough spot. For this reason, she is quite a popular choice and is the one many will recognize on the battlefield.

While that might be due to the black and purple outfit and interesting supporting role, most can’t help but take a look at her short red hair. She is every bit as fiery as her hair suggests and is filled with intelligence and scientific knowledge to help her allies on the battlefield.

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