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8 cooperative games perfect for a family game night

With global lockdowns keeping people indoors throughout 2020, the local multiplayer market has grown in importance. Local multiplayer provided a great outlet for people who needed entertainment, and many family members of all ages found a new passion for getting together and playing with loved ones.

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While competitive multiplayer games are more popular, there are many great cooperative multiplayer games that require players to work together to achieve goals. With many co-op games today only offering co-op online, it should be noted that each game on this list offers local co-op.


Phogs gameplay screenshot

PHGOS! reminiscent of the classic Nickelodeon cartoon Cat dog, in the sense that its protagonists are gathered at the waist. Cooperative play gives players the control of a head each and tasks them with reaching the end of the puzzle platform levels.

These levels would be straightforward to navigate with an ordinary platform character like Mario, but with two players controlling a single body, it can be a hilarious nightmare trying to progress through PHOGS !.

7 Cutting pliers

Cutting pliers is a puzzle game that can be enjoyed by two players in World mode or up to four players in Party and Blitz modes.

World and Party modes feature puzzle sets that use the game’s unique “cut” mechanism, where players cut each other to create different shapes and sizes in order to solve the objective. Blitz mode, meanwhile, features three different games: Hoops (basketball), Hockey, and a deathmatch-like mode called Dojo, where players try to cut each other off.

6 Human: Falling flat

Human Fall Flat co-op gameplay on splt screen

Human: Falling flat is similar to the above PHOGS! in the sense that both games would be relatively easy if the playable characters weren’t an absolute nightmare to control. Fall flatThe characters move like someone after a few hours in a bar, constantly swaying and falling.

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The comedic animations are a good laugh, but the game should not be seen as absurd. The game features physics-based puzzles that require a lot of thinking, leading to a game experience that is both fun and challenging.

5 Gate 2

Update of portal 2 in cooperation

the Portal The series provided two of the best puzzle games of all time, with the second game in particular being considered an outstanding single player experience of all time, exemplified by its massive 95 Metascore.

However, single-player mode isn’t all that the second game offers, as Valve’s 2011 game also features a great co-op mode. The mode gives players a series of test chambers to solve together, forcing them to work together and attempt to formulate solutions.

4 Valley of stars

Stardew Valley cooperative mode with four players

From a game that requires constant critical thinking to one of the most laid-back gaming experiences today, Valley of stars allows players to work together to build a thriving farm in a stress-free but still truly rewarding way.

The cooperative split-screen mode in Valley of stars is virtually identical to single player mode, with most of the functionality remaining exactly the same. Valley of stars is ideal for families who want to be together in a meaningful way or who might just like to do something while chatting.

3 Overcooked 2

Playing Overcooked 2 with family, it’s like playing Monopoly, in the sense that it sounds like a fun idea at first, but ends with each family member despising each other by the end of the night.

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The quick cooking game puts players firmly in the heat of the kitchen by getting them to cook tons of meals in quick succession. To stand a chance, players have to work together to complete the commands, which quickly leads to utter carnage with people desperately shouting out instructions and trying to stay organized on maps full of obstacles.

2 Untangle two

Untangle two is a puzzle game that puts players in control of thread-like anthropomorphic creatures, who simply have to reach one end from level to level. However, this is easier said than done, as many puzzles require the characters to stretch out their body thread, which is only made in a very limited amount, causing them to get stuck.

Untangle two received approval from the DICE Awards, which named the puzzle platformer as “Family Game of the Year” in 2019.

1 Any of the Lego games related to the movie

(Left) Lego The Lord of the Rings community characters (Right) Lego Boba Fett hovering with a gun

Lego has been a staple of family entertainment for many decades, and since the release of Lego Star Wars: The Video Game in March 2005, the company was a mainstay of the cooperative video game market. Since 2005, the game versions of Lego have mostly followed the same formula that Traveller’s Tales created with the first Lego Star Wars Simple yet engaging gameplay, puzzle solving, combat and platforming while collecting as many nails as possible to unlock a whole host of additional characters and content.

One of the best things about the Lego game franchise today is that they have created so many movie games using their signature collection formula that almost any family will be able to find a movie tie that they can find. They like. Popular movie franchises that have received the brick treatment include Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many others.

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