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8 things you never knew about the development of Halo 3

Halo’s fan base is filled with varying opinions about which entries in the series are the best of the best. Halo 3, no matter which side you fall into, is special simply because of the circumstances around it and how it develops.

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It was sort of a swansong to developer Bungie and they treated it as an apology for what they thought were missteps with Halo 2. The game came out with huge critical success, but the journey that it took during its development was full of interesting decisions and choices.

8 Its own graphics engine

Halo 3 Development 8

Halo as a franchise has been an industry leader in graphics fidelity, performance, and visual effects. Halo 3 used Bungie’s internal engine which allowed the game to implement high dynamic range, overall lighting, and depth of field which were all awesome graphics techs. Those who played the Halo 3 beta would have noticed that the game did not have motion blur at the time, but the effect was added before the game was released.


seven Transparency and communication

Halo 3 Development 7

In the modern era of video game development, the emphasis on transparency and communication is paramount in effectively building a relationship with potential audiences. When Bungie was developing Halo 2 they were very secretive about the project, but that process changed with Halo 3. Not only was Bungie more open to the game in development, but they provided the public with weekly updates on their game. website regarding game development. That being said, the Halo 3 campaign didn’t see any screenshots revealed to the public until 2007.

6 No direction

Halo 3 Development 6

Halo 2 has undergone an exhaustive and chaotic development cycle that has left many people at Bungie exhausted and frustrated. This led the co-founders to take a sabbatical and the main writers to go on vacation. As a result, during the early stages of Halo 3’s development, the project suffered from a lack of real leadership. This led to the game’s narrative not having a direct manager and the first draft in the story was formed by a group committee. Halo 2 in many ways was both the catalyst and the enemy of the development of Halo 3.

5 The influence of serenity

Halo 3 Development 5

As previously stated, the initial draft of the Halo 3 story was formed by a committee and because of this there were a lot of issues. Bungie members felt that this did not merge with the series up to this point, as it omitted plot points and characters from the previous two games.

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Composer Martin O’Donnell suggested that some characters should die to raise the stakes of the storytelling in a more mature approach to storytelling. He said this idea came from his vision for the movie Serenity. Luckily, the head of the story, Joseph Staten, returned from a self-imposed vacation and changed the story into what it was eventually published.

4 So much of his

Halo 3 Development 4

With video games turning into bigger and bigger products, that comes with a ton of assets that need to be pumped into the project. Halo 3 was a game that saw over 50,000 audio infused resources. About 40,000 of them were pure lines of dialogue for the non-playable characters in the game. To put that in context, Halo 2 had about 15,000 dialogue, meaning that Halo 3 grew in that space by over 200. %. The exponential growth was necessary because the goal of Halo 3 was to make interactions more natural and compelling as they unfolded in a familiar way.

3 Its marketing budget

Halo 3 Development 3

Halo: Combat Evolved established both the franchise and the Xbox platform as major players in the industry. Its follow-up, Halo 2, redefined what online multiplayer games could be in the console space and took over pop culture.

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With Halo 3, the series was more popular than ever and the game was highly anticipated. Xbox and Microsoft got it and gave the game their full support with a marketing budget of $ 40 million. The goal was for Halo 3 to broaden the appeal of the Halo franchise and drive sales of Xbox 360 consoles, which it accomplished.

2 It was the “Make Right” for Halo 2

Halo 3 Development 2

While Halo 2 has accomplished a lot for both the series and multiplayer games, it has been hampered by the weight of its development. Sections of the project were cut outright to make its release date, and that led to many issues with the Bungie team suffering from burnout and burnout. Bungie felt that Halo 2 had many issues and shortcomings and vowed that Halo 3 would be the “fix” they thought fans deserved.

1 The Last Main Halo … by Bungie

Halo 3 Development 1

Bungie may have done well for the fans and kept their promise of what they wanted Halo 3 to be, but once the game was released, everything changed for the developer. Halo 3 would end up being the last main Halo title they developed and released, and the last project they shipped under the umbrella of Microsoft. Just a month after the release of Halo 3, Bungie announced that they had gone independent. They would develop both Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach over the next three years, before eventually developing and revealing their new original IP titled Destiny in 2014. Bungie would follow that up with the release of its Destiny 2 sequel in 2017.

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