Multiplayer online games

Addiction to online games: spoiling our children

Online gaming addiction among children has become a major public health problem and a major concern for parents. Children as young as seven to those in their early and late teens have become addicted to massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like open fire, subway surfers, and more. and this had serious consequences on their physical, emotional, psychological, social and school life. It makes it a prey to ophthalmic, musculoskeletal, cervical, obesity, anxiety and depression problems.

The integrated structure of these games is such that it makes them so appealing to young children because these games are real-time, competitive and interactive. They have immersed themselves in these games so much that they no longer feel interested in studying, socializing, or other healthy hobbies. Like an autistic, they too remain absorbed by themselves; free fire addicted kids are unable to think beyond the airdrop glare, custom piece, casualty count, etc. They spend hours online playing these games with friends and other participants; they lose track of real world events; many do not even sleep at night; they keep playing these games all night long. A woman heard her son cry during the night that I will kill them all; she started to cry that my son had become possessed by evil spirits; later, she realized that her son was playing an online game. This sleep deprivation takes a heavy toll on their physical and mental health.