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Alan Wake Remastered Switch Port Leaks Online

A rating table potentially rules out the existence of Alan Wake Remastered for the Nintendo Switch, although no official announcement has been made.

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Remedy Entertainment’s classic supernatural thriller game Alan wake comes back to life with the upcoming release of Alan Wake remastered. Until there, Alan Wake remastered has only been confirmed for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, but it looks like there is a chance the game will make its way to the Nintendo Switch as well.

A Brazilian rating commission has revealed the existence of a Alan Wake remastered Switched off, though fans should take the information with a grain of salt for now. The rating boards have accurately disclosed many video game announcements in the past, but with the Alan Wake remastered release date in just a few weeks, it seems odd that the Switch version hasn’t been confirmed alongside the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X versions. Then again, there could be a good reason for this. .

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Due to the Nintendo Switch’s lack of power compared to other consoles on the market, more intensive games had to be released to the Cloud. Clean remedy Control got a Switch Cloud version, so it stands to reason that Alan Wake remastered may receive the same treatment. If the remaster of Alan wake is going to be Cloud-only on the Switch, that could be one of the reasons it wasn’t announced alongside the other versions.

Alternatively, it is possible that a Alan Wake remastered The switch port was scheduled and then canceled, or maybe the announcement is being recorded for a large event. Nintendo has officially confirmed a Nintendo Direct for September 23, where it will focus on Switch games that are in the works for this winter. Alan Wake remastered releases on October 5, but if the Switch version exists, it stands to reason that Nintendo could still use the Nintendo Direct to give it a spotlight.

Nintendo leaker SamusHunter, who accurately disclosed the existence of the Nintendo Direct presentation, recently released a table of games that could potentially be revealed at the show. One of the games listed by SamusHunter on the graph is the Alan Wake remastered Port switch. SamusHunter pointed out that their graphic was not an outright Nintendo Direct leak, and therefore fans who were hoping to play Alan wake on the road should always keep their expectations in check.

Yes Alan Wake remastered for the Switch is on its way, so imagine the Nintendo Direct would be the most logical place to make the reveal. Even so, it’s best to take this stuff with a grain of salt and not expect too much.

Alan Wake remastered launches October 5 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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