Game development

Android 12 launches games faster and gives you quick access to a range of features

Google has improved its gaming experience on Android 12. In particular, it has been decided to minimize the waiting time for the game to start. Android 12 will offer a play-on-load function that will allow you to launch the game before it starts playing. it’s not completely on the gadget.

Google says innovation will allow games to be opened in “seconds.” Tests have shown that games launch twice as fast, and you can start gameplay when the app is only 18% loaded.

Introduced in Android 12, the game dashboard with options that can come in handy during the game. There are several buttons at the top of the screen, where each of them is responsible for the screenshot, activation of do not disturb mode, screen recording and frame rate statistics. If you want, you can also start streaming gameplay on YouTube. The new feature will appear on a number of devices later this year.

Google has also introduced Android Game Developer Kit tools for creating and optimizing Android games. If you want to know how memory, GPU and CPU, as well as other resources are used, the “Scope and devices” feature will come in handy.

Google has improved the gaming capabilities of Android 12

The interventions of the Game Mode API and Game Mode allow you to optimize the gameplay by prioritizing the characteristics; such as performance or battery life depending on user settings or game specific configurations.

API and game mode interventions are available from Android 12 on some devices.

You can use the Game Mode API to identify the current game mode selected by the user; then optimize your game for the best performance or battery life depending on their selection.

You can learn how to configure, optimize, and publish your game to support standard, performance, and battery modes.

Game Mode Interventions are game-specific optimizations set by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to improve performance of games that are no longer updated by developers.

You can learn how to set up, test and submit interventions for your game with performance and battery modes.

The company also announced the Android Game Development Kit with tools and libraries to “develop, optimize and deliver high quality Android games”. There are three tents:

  1. Integrated workflows (for example a new Visual Studio extension)
  2. Essential C / C ++ game libraries (e.g. the new game text input library)
  3. Performance optimization (e.g. frame profiler support in our GPU profiler and new load time support in Android Performance Tuner)