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Animated Slots: The Best Animated Slots to Play Online

Cartoons are usually fun, energetic, and a bit quirky. This is certainly the case with cartoon-themed slots, which are some of the most enjoyable games out there. TwinSpires Casino.

These cartoon slots are so weird that you sometimes wonder if the game developers were suffering from hallucinations when they came up with the idea. But it’s the surreal nature that makes these games a must on your next visit to the casino.

So here are our top five recommendations for cartoon slots at TwinSpires Casino.

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All of the following anime slots are available for you to try right now.

1. EggOmatic

Fly to a fantasy world where your task is to increase egg production in a futuristic egg factory, starting with a cartoon of a chicken lamenting a drop in egg count. Match the symbols and benefit from the EggOMatic machine, which adds special symbols to a treadmill above the reels that can trigger mind-blowing wins. And it’s not yellow.

2. Squash the pig

Whoever came up with the idea of ​​developing a cartoon slot that involved smashing a pig with a big hammer might need some scrutiny. But a developer at IGT came up with the idea, and Smash the Pig became an instant hit. Luckily, no pigs are harmed in the game; it’s all tasteful, not tasteful like in bacon, but like in clean, honest enjoyment.

3. Gobblers Gone Wild

When it comes to cartoon slots, Gobblers Gone Wild is another one that can be categorized as “wacky”. You aim to help the cartoon wild turkeys as they escape from a sticky end of bow and arrow and gun. High-pitched “gobble-gobble” squeals accompany each spin of the reel, and the turkey symbols have various states of alarm on their faces. As well they might.

4. Wild Spicy Wasabi

Far Eastern themed slot games are some of the most popular in a casino, and it’s no surprise to see some of them get the animated slots treatment. Our favorite is Wild Hot Wasabi. Anyone who’s had a particularly hot Wasabi knows, with tears streaming down their face, how uncomfortable it can be. This quirkiest cartoon slot features an oddly animated sushi chef and ingredients, including a shrimp attached to a sponge. I warned you it was weird.

5. Wild Worlds

Three odd-looking cartoon birds sit tapping on computers – no one knows why – while you spin the reels. You must land a winning combination of jewel symbols, each of which can be boosted by one of the strange birds in some way. Win and the symbols disappear to be replaced by others from above, giving you another chance to win in Wild Worlds.

Pay attention to the monster that appears in the background of the cityscape – it has no impact on your game, but only adds to the general state of confusion about what is happening on earth.

Play Cartoon Slots at TwinSpires Casino

All of these animated slots and more are available now at TwinSpires Casino. If you don’t have an account, what are you waiting for? You have turkeys to save, pigs to beat, eggs to produce, and hot spicy foods to avoid.

Create your account now and don’t forget to claim the awesome welcome bonus. Right now it returns all your first day net losses up to $500 and gives you 250 free spins, plenty of options to extend your cartoon slot game.

Once on the online casino platform, you will find the slot machine cards in the slot machine section. But you can still get there faster by typing one of the cartoon slots titles into the search field. Good luck!