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Apex Legends Dev Explains Why An ‘Operation Health’ Season Is Impossible

Over the past week, many Apex Legends fans have asked Respawn Entertainment to set up an “Operation Health” season. It’s based on something that happened in Rainbow Six Siege, where essentially instead of all new content, a season was devoted to bug fixes and the like in the game. Indeed, the appeal within the Apex Legends The community came alongside the recent Evolution event, where players reported major server issues, bugs, etc.

It took Apex Legends few days to resolve these issues, which resulted in the extension of the classified division. Instead of the current split that should have ended, players were given a bit more time before the Apex Games moved to Kings Canyon (which happens on September 28). At the very least, these really pushed the idea that Apex Legends needs an “Operation Health” season, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

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Respawn Entertainment Director of Communications Ryan Rigney recently responded to one of those calls, ultimately explaining that “game development just doesn’t work that way.” Rigney goes on to make a comparison with Age of Empires, stating that the developers aren’t just general villagers who might have “gone from” creating content “to” fixing bugs “. In other words, while it may look good on paper and look like something Apex Legends could benefit, this is not a realistic way to view the development of the game.

Of course, that raises the question of how it worked in games like Rainbow Six Siege, which Rigney also addressed in his response as a “great marketing coup”. Rigney also explains that something similar happened with PUBG, where a bug-fixing campaign called “Fix PUBG” took place about three years ago. Rigney worked on it, highlighting his expertise in the matter and proving that these campaigns don’t really work.

As such, gamers shouldn’t expect Respawn Entertainment to end its content creation to run a “bug fixing” campaign like previous games. Fans should be aware, however, that this doesn’t mean Respawn Entertainment isn’t looking to fix issues with the game, just like it is with the. Fall of the Titans Games. However, complex issues take time to resolve, and everything in game development is a complex issue.

It remains to be seen what kind of content and bug fixes will arrive in the coming weeks, as well as in the launch of Apex Legends season 11, but Respawn is working on it.

There are still reports of new events going on Apex Legends season, like the one based on Bloodhound, and the Season 11 leaks have apparently already started. Many fans believe they have found evidence that Apex Legends will add a new tropical map next season, but like everything, fans will just have to wait and see.

Apex Legends is now available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Mobile, PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are under development.

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