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Arcane Music Video Reveals Imagine Dragon’s Latest League of Legends Song

Worlds collide after imagine Dragons released a cinematic music video in the world of Esoteric, a League of Legends the series will soon air on Netflix.

The group’s new single, Enemy, follows the character of Jinx and introduces the artists’ frequent collaborator JID. This video also serves as the trailer for the upcoming Arcane series based on the free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Game) hit available on PC.

Esoteric is scheduled to air 9 episodes, the premiere of which will be just over a week after the clip’s release and will air over a three-week period. The stars of the show Hailee Steinfeld like Vi, Ella Purnell like Jinx, and Mia Sinclait Jenness as Powder and it will be co-directed by Pascal Plow, Jerome Combe, and Arnaud Delord.


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imagine Dragons, an alternative rock band – best known for their hit songs Believer and Thunder – team up in their new single with JID, an American artist featured on the song. JID is a frequent collaborator with Idragon mages on other songs such as Wrecked, Trips and 3’s.

The video itself is a 3D rendered animation that lends itself to a cinematic feel, no doubt to match the artistic style and tone of the Netflix series. The majority of the story follows Jinx as she grows up alongside her sister Vi, each taking different life paths that will separate them from one another.

This dark atmosphere is contrasted once JID starts singing, and then Jinx is stepped out of its depressing frame and placed in a colorful background of cascading colors. This reflects the gentrification of the town of Piltover, forcing its poor inhabitants to move into the decaying house of Zaun – Jinx.

This music video makes a transition at the end, showing that Jinx has now grown up, having learned many lessons from the rough streets along the way, preparing her for the events of the upcoming Netflix series.

The game’s creators, Riot Games, are teaming up with animation company Fortiche Productions to produce Arcane. The show will be divided into three distinctive story acts, with three episodes in each act. After the first of three episodes, the second act will be released on November 13, and the final act will be released on November 20.

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