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Back 4 Blood promises a digestible multiplayer experience

Many players consider Back 4 Blood as a spiritual successor to Left for dead. (Maybe it’s because of the use of the number “4” instead of the word “for”.) Not only because the same developers are involved here, but also because of the cooperative PvP approach.

Now here’s the trick: Back 4 Blood has the potential to be even better than the iconic Left for dead series. And there are two reasons for this.

First, Turtle Rock Studios is no longer part of Valve. This means that the developer is completely independent and puts control of the game back in the hands of the creatives. Anyone who has dealt with merged companies or larger organizations in the past understands the amount of paperwork that exists to get anything approved. As an independent studio, Turtle Rock made all of the decisions regarding Back 4 Blood– without having to compromise or get approval. It’s definitely a win-win for developers and fans alike.

Of them, Back 4 Blood comes to the top of multiplayer play. While that doesn’t mean that multiplayer games were non-existent before, the popularity increased tenfold in the years that followed. Left for dead made its debut. The servers are better and the games are designed to maximize the potential of online gaming and modern needs. An FPS like Back 4 Blood looks like the perfect multiplayer experience, letting you and your friends team up and put holes in the “parasites”!

Most important, Back 4 Blood promises to be a “digestible” game designed for modern audiences, as executive producer Lianne Papp describes.

“We want you to be able to jump in, play a bit, then step back and take a break” Papi said Rant. “You know, you have those sweaty palms, you want a drink of water. You can take a break, then if you want to continue you can. one to two hours for something like a PvP match is a lot.

Back 4 Blood

Well it’s not too long until Back 4 Blood finally drops for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Windows. Lock and load, as it will be a crazy time compared to what we’ve seen so far!

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