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Bad Ben Found Sequence Series Is Now A Video Game

Check out a found footage video game that isn’t about Slender Man! Based on the cult micro-micro-micro-budget film series, the Bad Ben game is here to take the beloved digital franchise. Play as Tom Riley, voiced by the man himself, Nigel Bach, as he once again makes the incredibly informed decision to purchase an invisible house view at a sheriff’s auction.

BadBenKeyArt 1024x576 - 'Bad Ben': Dread XP Releases New Game Based On Cult Found Sequence Series

Obviously, the night does not pass without a ghost. Shortly after his arrival, paranormal events begin to torment the unperturbed Tom. You will have to get to the bottom of this spectral shenanigans, mainly by finding keys. Because it’s an indie horror game.

Do you have what it takes to survive the night?

“The Bad Ben movies are an exciting project, and I couldn’t be more excited to see the Bad Ben universe come to life in all of its spooky, otherworldly glory in this new video game. ‘dares … “said Bad Ben director Nigel Bach.

The Bad Ben game features:

  • Another haunted house
  • Collect quests
  • Swear without limits
  • Unlockable content (no DLC, unless it works fine so who knows)
  • Voice of Nigel Bach
  • A real mix of comedy and dread
  • This vintage “corpespile” flavor

The Bad Ben The game was lovingly created by developer corpsepile and DreadXP. It is now available to play on

Capture7 1024x577 -

“When the opportunity to work on a Bad Ben game came up, I knew it was something I couldn’t pass on,” said corpsepile. He went on to explain,

“Nigel’s specific brand of horror and humor was so immediately identifiable to me that I wanted to do my best to translate it into another medium. I also felt that the way he went about creating his films matched some aspect of my own approach to game development. Essentially, both were direct streams of consciousness, drawn from the brains of their creators, and with (for better or worse) minimal refinement, directly conveyed to the viewer. My goal was to try and capture the line of parody and tribute that Nigel walks so well, while providing some real scares along the way. I wanted to do this not only for the movies themselves, but to take it a step further and apply it to the horror game genre as well.

Capture12 1024x575 - 'Bad Ben': Dread XP releases a new game based on the cult footage series found

But wait, there is more!

This is not the only one Bad Ben news we have for you. We are also delighted to announce that the eight Bad Ben the movies will hit Dread TV next month!

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The ninth film in the series, Bad Ben: benign, is released by Breaking Glass on VOD on October 26

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