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Bad Video Game Movies You Probably Forgot Existed

EJ Moreno with a selection of forgotten video game movies…

With sonic the hedgehog and in a lesser extent Pokemon: Detective Pikachu changing the way mainstream viewers view video game movies, now would be a great time to revisit the forgotten bad movies that came before.

We all remember a lot of bad video game movies: street fighter, Super Mario Bros.., house of deathand almost all resident Evil comes to mind. But if you venture deeper into the catalog of video game movies, you’ll find some of the most bizarre groups of movies you can find.

For this list, we’re looking at seven video game movies forgotten in history. Read the list below or check out the video version of the article here…



Surprisingly, Postal is just one of two Uwe Boll films on this list. The name is synonymous with terrible video game movies; this is another perfect example. What makes it different from the other included entries is that it actually works as a good game-to-movie translation; we get the essence of the chaotic game ideally with frantic camera work and Boll’s horrid editing.

That being said, Postal is far from a pleasant experience. This movie is purely crude gags and shock moments just for lazy giggles. Part of me wants to compare this to the low-budget styles of a John Waters movie, but even those feel like they have a more decisive direction. It’s by far the most cult classic of all of Boll’s films and helps make Postal one of the few on the list to watch for its sheer WTF value.



The 2000s are truly the desert of video game adaptations. After a few of them popped up in the 90s and early 2000s, every studio wanted to take a chance. Unfortunately, the filmmakers and production companies never knew what to do with the wild games they were tackling, and 2009 tekken is one of those cases. All the pieces are here, and you see where they might come together. Although it misses the mark badly, it looks like a shell from the iconic game.

tekken wants to capture what made the 1995s mortal combat work, but I can’t figure out that you need charm and a sense of camp. But the studio apparently never wanted to take this seriously as they are seen forbidding the director of the video game series to consult and tie up the director of Free Willy 2 and Halloween 4 to bring this game to life. That’s how you condemn a film.

Max Payne


Poor Marky Mark, the man can’t take a break from bad video game movies. Between Unexplored and this entry, Max PayneWahlberg is 0-2, however Unexplored accumulated a lot of money. Max Payne is another entry from the mid-2000s that doesn’t seem to know how to bridge the gap between video games and movies. This video game seems easy to adapt, with the story somewhat movie-like, but the illogical plot and over-directing prevent it from working.

Max Payne is almost a bad fun movie; a lot of it doesn’t work, like including demonic creatures and confusing the basic revenge story. We learned a Max Payne the reboot is in progress, however. Hopefully they cut out unnecessary supernatural elements and focus more on the badass revenge plot. In reality, a Max Payne the movie should hit like the original John Wickand a proper reboot can definitely put that in the right direction.

Wing Commander

wing commander-600x338

This 1999 film arrives less than a decade after video game movies got off to a good start, but that doesn’t excuse what we’re getting Wing Commander. In addition to launching the scooby-doo dream team of Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard, not a single thing feels redeemable here. The film’s effects were dated for its time, the plot is undoubtedly stretched like paper by the third act, and the cliches aren’t even cheeky fun; they’re just boring.

Probably the saddest thing about this whole entry is that 80% of young viewers will have no idea this is based on a video game. There hasn’t been a mainline game in this space combat sim franchise since the ’90s,” and sadly, 2007’s Wing Commander Arena saw a lukewarm response. Is this movie to blame for killing an entire video game franchise? Probably not, as that style of play was fading, but it certainly helped seal the coffin forever.

DOA: dead or alive


When a video game is known for having a “famous breast physics engine”, you can see how a movie like DOA: dead or alive could turn out. Dead or Alive games are well-made but very sexual fighting games with campy plot elements and cheesy voice acting. The movie touches on some parts but doesn’t go as far as the games, which makes it bland.

What’s crazy is that the cast and famed director Corey Yuen could have made this bigger, but the end product is just too disappointing. Jaime Pressly does his best to carry the film, but the supporting cast, including D-movie legends like Eric Roberts and Kevin Nash, can’t handle their weight. The three people involved in the script offered little dialogue and plot, opting to let the fights and hot girls do the heavy lifting. When the movie doesn’t, all you have is a dud with more potential than most movies on the list.

Far cry


Far Cry games are incredibly popular, mainly due to the well-crafted action and star actors, including Giancarlo Esposito and Troy Baker. Unfortunately, the Far cry The movie can’t say the same as we see Uwe Boll making his second appearance on the list. What puts this so high on the list is this wasted potential. Easily one of the most adaptable games on this list; there’s almost no excuse for it to feel so hollow and uneventful.

Boll’s Crazy Style Doesn’t Pair With Far cry‘s more grounded elements; you feel the source material and the staging collide throughout. It’s easy to forget this exists, especially when you’re a huge fan of the games and know that an adaptation of Far Cry 4 or 5 could be pure entertainment. This franchise could see a reboot on Netflix, which Ubisoft Motion Pictures will produce. Fingers crossed for a better director than Boll.



Warcraft dominated with his devoted international fans and fell quietly into the background. When writing, Warcraft is still the highest-grossing video game movie of all time. So calling it forgotten seems weird, but seriously, is anyone talking about it? Has there been any news on a follow up? Did the impact of this financially feel stronger than true pop culture behemoths like sonic the hedgehog or any resident Evil film?

Warcraft is an exciting entry because there are so many things that work here, but it never made a lasting impression with the general public. A major factor is the film’s dedication to the source material, which has allowed this film to be one of the most inaccessible video game films. It’s almost too dense as a film. While many change everything about themselves to stand out from the mainstream, Warcraft does everything in his power to make his heart of fandom happy. Unfortunately, one of the best releases for a game has been overlooked in the huge world of even worse video game movies.

E.J. Moreno