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Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition studio will reveal its “new original game” tomorrow

Beamdog has been a part of the game development scene for over a decade, with numerous remastered RPGs under its belt. Soon it will add another notch.

As announced on Twitter, the studio will unveil its “new original game” on G4TV’s Xplay, which will air tomorrow, April 12 at noon PT / 3 p.m. ET. The wording “new original game” is important, as Beamdog’s catalog includes several enhanced editions for the Baldur’s Gate series and other tabletop-inspired RPGs. Its most recent game, 2019’s Axis & Allies, was also a tabletop adaptation, though it was based on the classic board game and not a pen-and-paper RPG. Another game in the same vein would make sense.

G4TV has hosted a few different game announcements at this point. Mina the Hollower, the next game from developer Shovel Knight Yacht Club, was revealed on a livestream there before hitting full Kickstarter funding in just hours. We don’t know if Beamdog is following the same path to fund its “new original game”, but there is precedent.

As for the Baldur’s Gate series itself, the next game is in the hands of Larian Studios. Although Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t have a set release date at the moment, its early access version is still getting plenty of updates. The newest fixed some all-knowing NPCs, and the barbarian class will be added soon.