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Battlefield 2042 beta may also have been postponed – report

The open beta of the next shooter Battlefield 2042 will be postponed to October, according to a to flee by industry insider Tom Henderson. Originally slated for this month, the beta is said to be pushed back to October 6 for Early Access players and October 8 for everyone else.

News of the delay comes shortly after it became known that the full game would be postponed until November, echoing an earlier report by Henderson suggesting the new November date. Developer DICE would later go to confirm the delay, citing “unforeseen challenges” in navigating game development during a pandemic. “With the current conditions not allowing this to happen safely, and with all the hard work teams are doing from home, we believe it’s important to take the extra time to make the vision for Battlefield 2042 a reality. for our players. “

This is another big blow to EA’s lineup, but it’s not too surprising given that the full game has already been delayed. It makes sense that the open beta will also be pushed back for the timing to make sense. DICE also said in its statement announcing the full game delay that news of the Open Beta will arrive later this month, although given the reports already circulating, we may not have to wait long for it. more official news.

Still, that’s nothing new for EA, as Battlefield 5 also experienced a month-long delay when it released in 2018, and this game has been rated well. Hopefully, the 2042 final product will come together in a similar fashion when it releases on November 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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