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Bayern’s Lewandowski contract talks don’t look like an online manager’s game, says Kahn as Poland international continues to be linked with Barcelona transfer

Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn has stressed that contract negotiations are not “like an online manager’s game” as the club remain in talks with Robert Lewandowski amid the striker’s uncertain future.

Lewandowski’s contract is due to expire in 2023, and the striker has been heavily linked with a move to Barcelona in recent weeks.

But Kahn says both sides have a lot of negotiations to do before anything is finalized as Bayern expect their star striker to return next season.

What did Kahn say about Lewandowski?

“As of today, Robert has a contract with us for next season,” Kahn said. Sports1. “We are in contact with Robert and want him to stay at Bayern as long as possible.

“Apparently some think that such discussions and contract negotiations are like an online manager’s game, where I click on something and then he extends his contract. You also have to look at the situation of the players.

“Players who have performed well at this club for many years are exceptional. Robert has become a world-class footballer with us. Robert is a player who has the potential to score 30-40 goals every year. Of course, at a point, players like that get the idea that “I’ve done it all here and won it all.” Then it takes time to convince him to stay here.

“Let’s look at the examples of players who changed clubs. What do we identify Ronaldo with? For his time at Real Madrid. What do we identify Messi with? For his time at Barcelona. It’s the same with Robert.

“And by the way, such conversations also deal with financial matters. We all know that we have two very difficult years behind us. As a club, you have to think about how you can still manage all this in the current situation because that FC Bayern has also suffered from the past two years.

“We decide when FC Bayern will start contract negotiations. We know very well what we owe this player. It’s also about having a respectful exchange with the player. We don’t let anyone put pressure on us.”

“A little fuss ain’t so bad”

Amid the continuing uncertainty surrounding Lewandowski, Kahn insists the team have not been negatively affected despite the club’s recent Champions League exit at the hands of Villarreal.

Instead, Kahn says a bit of uncertainty is good for a team like Bayern, who are used to the comings and goings of top players every summer.

“I don’t see that at all. It’s always been the case at Bayern Munich,” he said. “Such a discussion can also create a bit of friction in the team, which doesn’t have to be so bad.

“A bit of bickering and fussing isn’t bad for the working atmosphere. But the players are way too professional to be impressed. The players get away with it.”

Lewandowski, who joined Bayern in 2014, has 47 goals in 42 appearances in all competitions this season.

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