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Beam Team Games and North Beach Games announce Stranded Deep Co-Op online update for Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox and PlayStation

Brisbane, Australia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Beam Team Games, the independent developer and publisher of Stranded Deep for PC and video game consoles, is thrilled to announce the free online co-op update for Stranded Deep for Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox and PlayStation .

Over 20 million players have downloaded Stranded Deep to date, and Team Beam is thrilled that players are testing their survival skills with their friends in the new co-op multiplayer mode in the open world adventure. The update is free for existing players and part of the full game experience for new players who are blocked for the first time.

In Stranded Deep, players take on the role of a survivor of a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean. Players must explore exotic underwater and island environments to search for supplies and craft the tools, weapons, and shelters they’ll need to stay alive. Players will experience dangerous encounters against sharks, giant squids, and other sea creatures. They will have to defend themselves against ground attacks from wild boars, snakes and other native threats. Hunger, thirst, and exposure will work against them as they brave the elements. It won’t be easy… but if they survive all of this, they can escape – now with a friend in Co-Op Online mode!

“While players like to play solo, the community has been asking for cooperative multiplayer since the game’s original launch. It’s something we wanted to offer to the community and we’ve been working hard with our partners for over a year.” said Sam Edwards, co-founder of Beam Team Games. “We are very happy to announce the arrival of this feature which is available for Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox and PlayStation today.”

Founded in 2015, Beam Team Games is a Brisbane, Australia-based PC and console development studio and publisher focused on immersive, high-quality gaming experiences.

Founded in 2019, North Beach Games is a publishing company that works with some of the best teams in the business to empower independent developers.

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