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Beginner’s guide for Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2

Once upon a time, the name Baldur’s Gate carried a lot of weight. How could he not? The series had produced two of the best RPGs of all time. Their influence – even to this day – is felt. This led to a few console-based spin-offs that went by the subtitle, Dark Alliance. These games weren’t as well received, but they’re still classics.

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Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2 has finally arrived almost 18 years after its initial release on PS2, for consoles and PC. Continuing Dark Alliance’s unique brand of dungeon crawling and hack and slash gameplay, Dark Alliance 2 pushes the series forward in many ways, and there’s plenty to do.


Offline multiplayer only

Right off the bat, we have to tackle a bit of an elephant. Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2 is multiplayer – damn it is better played in multiplayer. But the game does not have online multiplayer. This is important to note, especially for PC gamers, as enjoying couch co-op is much more difficult when seated at a desk.

Fortunately, game supports gamepad, which should alleviate any need to huddle around a keyboard and mouse. Still, this omission considerably harms the game. It is impossible not to mention it due to its ultimate impact on the flow of the game.

Which class to choose

Dark Alliance 2 has five playable classes, and in the traditional way of dungeon crawling, you can’t choose your gender, or your race. Heck, you can’t even choose your name. If you want to be a necromancer, well, you play a male moon elf called Ysurann, and that’s all there is to it.

Beneath this lack of choice, however, is actually a major choice. Your class in Dark Alliance 2 will drastically change the way you play the game. Each class is vastly different, and your experience as a Barbarian versus a magic user like the Necromancer will barely compare. Your lessons are:

  • human barbarian (Man)
  • Dark Elf Monk (Female)
  • Moon Elf Necromancer (Man)
  • dwarf thief (Man)
  • human cleric (Female)

Choose your abilities wisely

Leveling up is one of the most exciting aspects of any RPG, and Dark Alliance 2 is no exception. Despite being a “simplified” spin-off of a classic CRPG, Dark Alliance 2 wears its D&D license on its sleeve, and he’s not afraid to get complex when he wants. This is where ability points come into play.

Leveling up, your character will gain several ability points that they can spend, as well as abilities. These are multi-tiered powerful attacks, passives, spells and skills that define your character even more. There are approximately 30 abilities to delve into, and each class has a number of unique abilities, which makes them more interesting.

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Don’t forget to equip your loot

This is a hack and slash dungeon crawler – loot is important. You will find new weapons, armor pieces and trinkets as you explore the world of Dark Alliance 2. You can start with a dagger and a bare chest, but there’s no reason not to drop that dagger for a fancy sword, or protect your chest with a chain hauberk.

The equipment provides statistics, and stats will keep you alive somehow. Having more armor will allow you to take more punishment, while dealing more damage will more effectively eliminate threats in the field. If you feel a little weak, consider adjusting your load. Remember that you can equip new weapons and armor by investing in certain abilities when leveling up.

Dark Alliance 2 is not easy

Dark Alliance 2 is not a complex game to play, but it is quite a difficult experience – even early. Enemies descend quickly, but you too. You are not a herculean hero capable of facing hordes of goblins, and if you try to be one, you’ll quickly find yourself at the end of a spear – or riddled with arrows.

Enemies may come in large numbers, and using your noggin to put them in favorable positions is almost more important than remembering to hit them with a stick. There are many instances where you will waltz into an ambush, and running blindly into combat will almost always result in your death. brain over muscle.

Activate automatic map

Every level in Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2 is pretty darn big. They also have many winding paths. Exploration and exploration will inevitably lead to more enemies, hidden loot and all kinds of exciting gubbins – but they’re easy to miss because Dark Alliance 2 doesn’t have a default on-screen mapt.

If you want to see where you’re going, then going to the Options menu allows you to activate the automatic map. We recommend running with the mini option, but the Full The option works too – although it darkens the screen a bit too much for our taste. When enabled, you can more easily navigate the trials and tribulations that await you..

Explore Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is the main hub of Dark Alliance 2. It’s a pretty big town with plenty to see, do, and have fun. At the basic level, it will provide you with quests that advance the story. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find all sorts of sellers. Here you can spend your hard earned gold, and improve your character between expeditions.

Not only that, but Dark Alliance 2 features custom weapons and armor, allowing you to create a very powerful kit, without having to go out and find it yourself. Take a walk, stock up, then go for a sneaky pint at the Purple Wurm Inn & Tavern.

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