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Best free multiplayer games on Switch

The Nintendo Switch offers some truly amazing games, like Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or smaller indie titles like Dead Cells and Golf Story. While these premium paid games are worth your time and attention, what if you want to try something cheaper, namely free games?

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Free games are in abundance on Switch, especially if you’re a fan of multiplayer experiences. There are well over a hundred free games to start playing right away on Switch, but not all of them are worth your time. The following free games can be played right now and are best enjoyed with other people as they are generally multiplayer games in nature.

seven Pokemon Unite

pokemon unite characters teaming up against each other

If for some reason you haven’t heard of Pokemon Unite, just know that you’re missing out on an incredibly fun and accessible MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). MOBAs, by their nature, are generally impenetrable to new players and often spawn tight-knit communities that can be difficult to break into, especially if you’re also new to the genre.

Luckily, Pokemon Unite moves away from traditional MOBA tactics by blending regular team-vs-team strategic gameplay with the fun and lovable nature of Pokemon. In Pokemon Unite, you play as one or more of your favorite Pokemon as they attack and defend strategic points while leveling up, gaining new abilities, and growing stronger overall. It’s a fun gaming loop wrapped up in a free package with loads of content to chew on.


6 fortnite

Fortnite Characters Gun Fishing

Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon and a free-to-play juggernaut. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Fortnite’s success. This highly colorful, vibrant and long-running battle royale continues to thrive year after year, well into its third chapter. What makes Fortnite so special is the number of gameplay options it has, especially for those who want a multiplayer experience.

Of course, the game is known for its single, duo, trio and quad battle royale modes, however, if you decide to avoid the battle royale gameplay, you can easily jump into a host of creative type matches and modes. multiplayer fans can jump into Fortnight right away since the game is only monetized with completely optional cosmetic goodies.

5 Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel

Yu Gi Oh!  Master Duel a photo of the player board with the player's hand in the foreground, a description of a card highlighted on the left, and the word

It’s pretty crazy to think that the traditional Yu-Gi-Oh! The card game has been around for over two decades and continues to attract new players. The most recent game on this list, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel takes the proven competitive multiplayer card game and ups the ante with beautiful animations, hundreds of maps, and all-new ways to enjoy this long-running Switch game.

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Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel is a great free game to play on Switch as it encourages players of all skill levels to jump in and enjoy its card game goodness. If you happen to be brand new to Yu-Gi-Oh! In general, the game kindly provides an in-depth tutorial to level you up so you can collect more cards and compete against other players in rotating tournaments.

4 super royal pet

Outskirts of Slippity Super Animal Royale Lake

Are you someone who loves battle royale games? If you answered no to this question, how about trying out a fun and fierce multiplayer version of the genre where you can play as a host of adorable animals? Super Animal Royale is just that, a battle royale game that features super colorful graphics where you play as a cat, dog, fox, bird or one of dozens of other characters as you battle across a vast map .

On paper, Super Animal Royale isn’t all that different from other battle royales in that you have to avoid a shrinking playing area while beating other players in a given match. However, this game is much more accessible because the map isn’t too big, the loot pool is smaller, and most matches are over in about ten minutes. Round up your animal friends to try this one on Switch.

3 Knockout City

Knockout City pass the ball

Knockout City might just be one of the Switch’s most creative multiplayer games. Knockout City is a free-to-play dodgeball game where you and your small team must battle against another team in a fantastic assortment of themed maps. This game thrives on its jazzy charm, bevy of well-designed characters, and nuanced dodgeball gameplay.

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On the surface, it might seem simple enough to just throw a dodgeball at another player in order to knock them out, however, Knockout City actually allows for strategic play with specific throws, jumps, dodges, and even special balls. awesome to throw. . If you’re looking for a fast-paced, kinetic multiplayer game, Knockout City is a no-brainer on the Switch.

2 ninjala

ninjala character smashing another with a rubber hammer

Ninjala is perhaps one of the most underrated free multiplayer experiences on Switch, mainly because it’s such a hard game to pin down gameplay-wise. So what exactly is Ninjala? Probably the most obvious comparison looking at gameplay or screenshots would be Splatoon, where you play multiple third-person rounds on smaller maps, but without the paint-splatter gameplay.

Ninjala is basically a multiplayer action game where you play as cartoon ninjas who use gum-based weapons and abilities to deal damage and deal damage to opponents. Your objective in each match is to use your character’s specific gum attacks and abilities to knock out your opponents while getting the highest score for style and substance. It’s a wacky game but it has a great community and lots of content to enjoy.

1 Intrepid

Dauntless Wild Thunder content with characters and monsters

Dauntless is a unique monster-striking game that feels like equal parts Monster Hunter and a Saturday morning cartoon. Dauntless lets you and your party take on gargantuan monsters across multiple biomes and lands. While not as complex and nuanced as something like Monster Hunter, this free game rewards you for your patience, teamwork, and specialization in the various weapons on offer, namely giant swords, axes, hammers, etc.

Dauntless is sort of the unsung hero in free games on Switch, or any platform for that matter. You don’t hear too many people talk about how fun it is to smash giant monsters in the face with a squad of players, however, for those who have played it, it offers a deep, expansive, and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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