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BlazBlue: Central Fiction Exploit Makes Online Gamers Vulnerable

Players discovered a BlazBlue: Central Fiction exploit that allows hackers to steal players’ passwords and take control of their PCs. Hosting a lobby is enough to open you up to the exploit, but you can take steps to protect yourself from it.

What is that BlazBlue: Central Fiction to exploit?

Chickzama, Twitter user spotted for the first time the BlazBlue: Central Fiction warning on official central fiction Discord server. User GrimFlash has published the methodology for the exploit, which involves hackers sending malicious code disguised as one of the central fictiongame files. Once this data is sent, it downloads and runs automatically, allowing hackers to access your PC or steal sensitive data. Specifically, the file under which the malicious data disguises itself is named “iDmacDrv32.dll”, and it can be found in the BlazBlue: Central Fiction game directory.

Online gamers are threatened by a new discovery BlazBlue: Central Fiction to exploit.

How to protect yourself from BlazBlue: Central Fiction to exploit

Protecting yourself from this exploit is relatively simple. Only online players are affected by this, so if you’re playing entirely offline, you should be fine. Also, GrimFlash and Chickzama make no mention of console versions, so chances are if you’re playing on PlayStation or Switch you’ll be fine. If, however, you are an online gamer and on PC, here are some of the steps you can take to prevent malicious data from ruining your day.

  • Keep lobbies invite-only so random players can’t join
  • Update your antivirus software (data payload is reported by most major antivirus programs)
  • Check your game files, especially if someone joins your lobby and BlazBlue: Central Fiction blocks itself. You can verify the files by right-clicking the game in Steam, going to Properties, then Local Files, then “Verify Integrity of Game Files”
A battle in BlazBlue: Central Fiction
Hope hackers don’t waste your time with BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

It should be noted here that you can very well still play BlazBlue: Central Fiction online, but you should follow the steps above to ensure that you are protected as much as possible. After all, central fiction now has restore netcode, and you wouldn’t want to lose that online fighting quality because you’re not properly protected against attacks (but the malicious hacker attacks type, not the Overdrive type). Hopefully Arc System Works notices this soon and offers a fix.