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Bradley Beal’s Wife Goes In With Ronnie 2K On Video Game Scoring

NBA players who are offended by their “NBA 2K” rankings are nothing new. But that’s a different story this year with a player’s wife getting involved now.

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal received a rating of 89 for this year’s edition of the popular video game after scoring 88 last year. This has led many to wonder why he was so low this year after Beal nearly led the NBA with 31.1 points per game in 2020-21.

Beal’s wife Kamiah Adams expressed her displeasure by tweeting to Ronnie Singh, known as “Ronnie 2K” and is the franchise’s most popular brand ambassador. After Adams called it “all a joke”, Ronnie retaliated by mocking “hav[ing] the upset woman.

Adams retorted by calling the game “trash” with a “joke” of a scoring system. This led to Ronnie tweeting, “Hope everyone has a better weekend except Bradley Beal’s wife,” a post he quickly deleted.

“The dogs bark. Quack ducks”, Adams responded. “So don’t be so surprised when clowns make clowns—. But at least I have the courage to stand on my own feet. @ me next time p — y @ Ronnie2K. It was removed quickly.

This whole beef is definitely one of the smallest you’ll ever see. But Adams is the definition of a ride or die. You may recall that she defended her husband in the same way earlier this year.