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Call of Duty Streamer Discovers In-Game Tribute to Former Developer: Dr. Disrespect

Call of Duty campaigns have never been shy about throwing in Easter eggs, ranging from the horrifying eldritch teddy bear to multiple hidden Call of Duty Zombies songs. With such a dedicated community, it’s rare for Call of Duty to keep a secret for long. It’s even rarer when it comes to an easter egg so relevant to today’s online culture.

In Modern Warfare 3, players were shocked to discover a hidden library room in the Scorched Earth mission filled with Easter eggs. Inside were books with the names of different developers, including famous streamer Dr. Disrespect – real name Guy Beahm. The initial discovery goes to streamer Modern Warzone, who posted their exciting discovery on Twitter.

“This is not an April Fool’s Day joke,” Modern Warfare tweeted alongside the video. “I found an entire ‘dev room’ in the Scorched Earth mission. None of these books are on any other area of ​​the game.”

For those not in the know, Dr Disrespect was a game developer. Before exploding as a streamer, he worked on a few Call of Duty games, including Advanced Warfare as a map designer and Modern Warfare 3 as a community manager. He eventually quit game development after his streaming career took off – although he founded his own studio last year. Modern Warfare’s easter egg includes his name along with the old logo for his Twitch and Youtube channels.

Dr Disrespect has yet to comment on the discovery of the Easter egg, though it’s hard to imagine he wasn’t responsible for putting it in the game in the first place.