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Catch chickens, grow kalo and more in the new online game Windward CC

Chicken hunters in the wind!

Wind Community College launched an interactive and fun web game created by four students from several universities in Hawaii campus for other students to provide entertainment during a stressful time, organizational tools, and a fun way to engage with the campus and its educational resources. Chicken hunters in the wind is now available on the Windward CC website. Although it is oriented towards the wind CC students, anyone can register to play the game. Firefox or Safari are recommended for the best viewing experience.

It all started during the COVID-19 pandemic. When normal campus work at the Educational Development Services office shifted from physical production to digital, student employees began working from home. Their strengths and interests in digital art have guided their vision towards independent game development with the goal of sustaining their student work and helping the Windward campus and its students.

Chase da chicken

Players become Windward CC students, who begin a new adventure and a new phase of life armed only with intelligence, knowledge and experience. Highlights of the game include:

  • Personalize your avatar. Dress to impress or de-stress.
  • Aloha shirt and slippahs? Sure!
  • English or Hawaiian? You choose the language.
  • This is your digital campus. To explore!
  • To earn coins and other loot, you need to catch chickens, complete quests, grow kalo, check IRL items on your daily in-game planner and more.
  • Shop for clothes, furniture, and accessories at the Mongoose Market.
  • Decorate your room in the floating Sky Dorm. (Note: Windward CC doesn’t have actual dorms, sorry.)
UHWO student
Kawika akioka
UHWO student
Dominique buoni
Abby Worthley

The fundamentals of the game are based on the wahi pana (famous and legendary places), as well as the legendary creatures and characters on the windward side of Oahu.

“We hope everyone enjoys playing Windward Chicken Chasers! ” noted Dominique buoni, senior programmer and EUH Student at the Mānoa Creative Media Academy. “I am inspired by the talent that works on this game.”

The Windward Chicken Chasers design team is completely self-taught and currently consists of four students and a Windward. CC staff member. Other Windward colleagues offered to help with music creation and Hawaiian translation. The game is created with the free and open source game engine, Godot, and the application management system, Firebase from Google, to save the gameplay.

“I learned so much, not only about the technical aspects of game development, but also about the culture of the game and its importance to our students and society at large,” said Windward. CC Responsible for media design and production Trish brubaker. “The game gives people common ground and points of interpersonal exploration that did not exist before.”

Two artists, Alexis Daraban and Abby Worthley, followed their passion for digital art and it shows in the game. Buoni learned to code on his own through YouTube. Almost everything was created from scratch using only free resources, and students were instrumental in making decisions affecting the game.

Windward Chicken Hunters Team

  • Art and animation: Alexis Daraban (EUH Where is Oahu ACM student), Abby Worthley (Windward CC student)
  • Programming: Dominic Buoni, Senior Programmer (EUH Manoa ACM student), Kaiwi Akioka, to assist (EUH student from Manoa)
  • Artistic Director: Trish Brubaker (Windward CC, responsible for media design and production)
  • Hawaiian translation: Kalae Akioka, Kaiwi Akioka
  • Music: Hi’ilawe Kay, Michael McIntosh

This student-driven effort welcomes feedback to continue improving the game. For those who wish to contribute, contact Brubaker at [email protected] or stop by the Windward Chicken Chasers headquarters in Hale Laʻakea 242. (Remember to register using LumiSight EUH before visiting the campus.)

UHWO student
Alex Daraban

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