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Chopmania – revealed!! – News from the European gaming industry

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What mysteries could be hidden in these woods?? Drive your harvester, cut down trees and find out in this relaxing adventure RPG game!

Publisher and developer Gamex Studio has unveiled its upcoming new game, a fresh take on all those digging and mining games. Inspired by the legendary Motherload, Chopmania now promises a fresh take on the genre by changing up mining with cutting trees, which opens up a whole new dimension and interesting mechanics for players to explore.

About the game:
After the world cut down too many forests, something happened…it seemed like the Earth fought back and started accelerating tree growth at exponential rates. Within a few years, thousands of cities were swallowed up in trees and began to erode the lands of mankind. Humanity has gone to monumental lengths to try to contain the spread, but they are barely holding on.

Rumors have spread that supernatural forces are at work, fueling this exponential growth, but all efforts thus far to uncover the truth have failed…

In the last ditch effort to save humanity, several outposts have been deployed deep in the woods with the goal of liberating the remaining towns and discovering something that will give humanity hope… one of those outposts with your trusty reaper… Come on now, hop hop!

Citizens of different towns have been radioed that you have the biggest and baddest reaper, so they’re counting on you to reconnect them with the rest of civilization!
So, you almost had the role of a hero, but will you be able to justify it?

Fight your way through the forest, while bringing as many logs as possible back to your base to resell for a profit. Don’t let your capitalist mind fool you, instead use this only to fund your selfless efforts as you upgrade your harvester to move deeper into the woods. Remember you are here to save humanity, not to reap benefits for yourself!

As you delve deeper into the forest, you’ll encounter various challenges and missions, such as freeing towns from overgrowth, finding ways to overcome impassable terrain like rivers, and more! The forest will become thicker and harder to traverse, as well as riddled with various hazards and obstacles, so you’ll need to make sure to keep upgrading your harvester to be able to cut your way deeper.

There are plenty of towns to liberate, far from your base, so you’ll need to watch your fuel level as well. Cut strategic paths to allow you to refuel faster and go further than ever before.

But don’t worry – there are some technologies you can discover and develop, such as the recently discovered teleportation device, which will allow you to cover massive distances in the blink of an eye!

Can you venture far enough by getting advice from the locals and uncovering the mysteries of the overgrowth and how to stop it? Well, the future of humanity depends on it, so we certainly hope so!

Gamex Studio Directors Rok Jesenicnik and Andraz Vene said:

“Chopmania was designed to be a relaxing and fun game where players would enjoy exploring the locations around the main base trying to get deeper into the woods while optimally playing at different levels. The chopping mechanics are designed to be satisfying for a player, and we are gradually adding new elements, so players always have something new to experience. And the world is procedurally built, so no two games will be the same!

Players who have played games like Motherload should also enjoy Chopmania!”

Chopmania is due out in 2023 for Windows and Linux. Visit the newly created official Steam page to list the game and stay updated.