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Control over obtaining a co-op spin-off and future entry

Control developer Remedy Entertainment is entering new territory. The Finnish studio announced that it is developing a four-way cooperative multiplayer spin-off Control code name Condor for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC as well as a future entry into the series. No date has been given for either.

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Remedy and publisher 505 Games revealed this deal together on the Premier’s website. Game Director Mikael Kasurinen spoke about the multiple stories the studio has left to tell in the universe while also addressing concerns people might have from a studio to a single player making a multiplayer game. He assured these that the team has a deep love for online multiplayer dating back to the 90s and that Remedy aims to do something “engaging, yet familiar, something all of our fans can jump into and do. feel at home “.

“We understand there is going to be skepticism about multiplayer,” he admitted. “But I believe we can create shared experiences without compromising the unique DNA of who we are or the stories we want to tell. Yes, we need to rethink our angles, our techniques, our mindset, but we see it as an exciting challenge: What would a Remedy multiplayer game look like? “

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The ad also contained a nugget saying that a “larger budget Control-game “is also in the works. However, that was all Remedy was willing to share before Kasurinen said that developing a game takes a long time and that partnerships are crucial to the well-being of a game. It also set some expectations by telling players not to expect any announcements for either title anytime soon (other than the concept art for the multiplayer game seen above). This makes sense, as rumors indicate the studio is busy with Alan Wake remastered, a Alan wake after, or both.