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Cricket Manager launches today in South Africa and will expand globally in the first quarter of 2022

23 December 2021, 12:15

AB Gaming Counter (“The Company”) today launches the game Cricket Manager Pro in South Africa. The game will initially be available on Android via Google Play and then gradually launched in more countries.

South Africa is for several reasons an appropriate market to initiate the launch. There is great interest in cricket, the country has a favorable infrastructure for 4G and South Africa has an appropriate target group where the company has the opportunity to measure and optimize relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).

After South Africa, Game desk intends to step up the launch by launching the game in countries where cricket is of great interest. These countries have been divided into Tier 1 (industrialized countries) which includes the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as Tier 3 (developing countries) which are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Finally, the game will be launched in the rest of the world. The company plans to launch Cricket Manager to the global market in the first quarter of 2022 and for the full year 2022 the target is to reach 10 million downloads. The total number of cricket fans is estimated to be around 2.5 billion fans worldwide. It is noted that there are over 30 million cricket fans in United States.

Presentation in pdf of the launch plan of Cricket Manager:

Maintenance on December 8 with Eric de Basso regarding the launch of Cricket Manager:

Eric de Basso, VD for Game desk, comment:

– Today we are launching Cricket Manager in South Africa. This takes place at the same time as the World Test Championship (WTC) which is played at South Africa next week. South Africa meets India at home, a welcome event in connection with our launch.

For more information, please contact:

Eric de Basso, CEO, AB Gaming Counter
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +46 70 780 52 00

On Game desk

Game desk is a Swedish game development company founded in 2015. The company’s business concept is based on the development and distribution of so-called free-to-play games in the sports genre. Since its founding, the company has been working on the development of its first title, Cricket Manager, which is a cricket management game for mobile devices. In the game, players can create and own their own cricket club and compete against other players from around the world. The goal is to create one of the world’s most popular cricket management games for mobile devices and use the existing technology platform to expand and evolve the game portfolio to include other sports management games.

For more information see the Wicket Gaming website, c3478012

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