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Cult of the Lamb demo released during Steam Next Fest

Cult of the Lamb demo released during Steam Next Fest

Massive Monster and Devolver Digital gave those who missed out a chance to try Worship of the Lamb gave PAX East a second chance when the game received a demo during this week’s Steam Next Fest. The indie roguelike has been one of Devolver’s hottest titles since it was first revealed at Gamescom last year, and even received a segment dedicated to it during the Summer Game Fest livestream event. from the publisher on June 9. The demo has stood still at the top of Next Fest’s most popular demo list, favorites list, and most active players list since its release on Tuesday.

The Massive Monster development team celebrated the release of the demo with a livestream narrated by game design director Jay Armstrong and developer Julian Wilton. The two co-creators watched part of the demo, discussing the game’s development process and explaining its story to unfamiliar viewers.

Worship of the Lamb is a mashup between a city-building simulator and a rouge-lite dungeon crawler in which a helpless lamb is saved from death by an ancient god and, in return, is tasked with building a cult in his name. Armed with the god’s demonic powers, the Lamb must brave randomly generated dungeons to defeat rival cultists and indoctrinate their would-be victims into his own cult. As the cult gains more followers, the Lamb can use them to expand the cult’s village, help in battle, or pray to the Waiting One to increase its power.

The game is currently available for pre-order on Steam and will be released on all major platforms on August 11.