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Delve into the bizarre world of video game foods

One of the craziest examples is that of Solid metal geara game about a super-soldier who resorts to rubbing his wounds with combat rations even though his blood is filled with nanomachines capable of healing.


Remember that, children. You can never die as long as you have a sandwich left in your backpack.

You just gotta love it tekken series on its nutritional review: As long as you eat chicken-related foods, such as eggs, tiny chicks, or adult chicken, it doesn’t matter if you pick them straight off the ground.

Cyborg eats chicken

bandai namco

Even if you are a robot without a digestive system

And sometimes it even goes beyond the absurd to accept that food can be directly exchanged by health in real life. For example, it’s easier to understand that ninja turtles can heal via sewage-soaked pizza than to accept that there’s already pizza waiting for them on the floor when they return to the time of the dead. dinosaurs.

turtles in time, pizza on prehistoric ground


Interestingly, it seems that the wilder the game, the better its grip on food. Take Final Fantasy XVfor example, an otherwise out-of-this-world experience where food only gives players a boost related to what they just ate.

Final Fantasy XV pizza


It also looks really good.

Cruelty Squad is by by far the most banana game on the list, but still the one who best views food as a vehicle for direct healing. You can actually heal yourself through food, but you’ll only recover one health point from each the person what you eat.

Cruelty Squad

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