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Dota 2 patch now allows teams to call GG and surrender

A small Dota 2 patch now allows teams to call GG as a surrender option has been added on public matches – among other changes.

Popular multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) Dota 2 received a minor update this Wednesday, July 6, 2022, which added a massive quality of life change for players. The small patch is designed to encourage players to team up when playing the game, which is why the following changes have been made to the game:

  • Full teams are now allowed to play any valid opposing team and are no longer required to play a full team in ranked mode.
  • Adjusted matchmaking setting to make it faster to find a game as a full party.
  • Full parties can now all chat “gg” to drop a match after 30 minutes of playtime with the same 10 second countdown and cancel UI as in pro games. This is noted as a loss.

The latest change is something many players have been asking for for years. The surrender option has been present in Dota 2’s main competitor, League of Legends, has been a staple in other MOBAs, even on mobile, and was even a feature in Heroes of Newerth. It took Valve 11 years to implement this on its own game.

Dota 2’s surrender option was only available in Custom Lobbies and Pro Games before this update, but now the courtesy has been extended to full parties in Pub Matches. However, if you’re playing alone in solo queue and you’re stuck with horrible teammates and you know your team has no hope of winning, you’re out of luck. You are not granted the privilege of calling GG and surrendering. Hopefully Valve reconsiders and makes this an option for all cases in the future though, because no one wants to waste their time playing a losing game, especially in Dota 2 when a game can literally take hours to complete. to end.