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Elden Ring has sold over 12 million units

Since its release three weeks ago, Elden Ring has sold over 12 million units, according to Bandai Namco’s latest report. The story and world created by acclaimed author George RR Martin and game development studio, FromSoftware, never ceases to amaze us.

While we continue to work on our review of reading Ring of Elden, it’s not hard to see why it sold over 12 million units in the three weeks it was available. The game continues to deliver surprises, content, and more for fans to enjoy. Since its release, Ring of Elden continued to receive new content, fixes, and more in such a short time.

“It’s amazing how many people have played ELDEN RING. I would like to express our sincere thanks on behalf of the entire development team,” said Hidetaka Miyazaki, President and CEO/Director of FROMSOFTWARE. “ELDEN RING is based on a mythological story written by George RR Martin. We hope players will enjoy a high level of freedom as they venture into its vast world, explore its many secrets, and face its many threats. Thank you for your continued support.”

With over a hundred hours played for our review, there seems to be no end to the type of content fans can expect to find, which also includes picking up brand new weaponry, incantations and our way through a surprisingly well designed. world full of stories.

“Co-development between FromSoftware and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has brought to life this new action-RPG, ELDEN RING, which has surpassed 12 million units sold worldwide,” added Yasuo Miyakawa, President and CEO of BANDAI. NAMCO Entertainment Inc. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fans who have brought ELDEN RING into their gaming lives. I am very proud to have been part of making such a wonderful and fantastic game with FromSoftware, under the direction of director Miyazaki, and starring George RR Martin.

A lot of effort has been put into creating ELDEN RING to exceed the expectations of our fans around the world. With a similar goal, we will continue our efforts to extend the brand beyond the game itself and into everyone’s daily life. We will continue to create fun and fulfillment through entertainment so that we can grow closer and connect with our fans around the world.

It’s no shock to find out why the world is full of secrets for players to uncover, ranging from lore to encounters they might uncover in years to come. Ring of Elden shows how influential Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of the DARK SOULS series, which is joined by George RR Martin, the man behind the hit New York Times series, “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

With the two forces combined, they have created a meticulously crafted world that players will spend years exploring as they search for every secret, every bit of lore, and every piece of history that could be for years to come.

Stay tuned for our review coming next week as we go through brand new content updates, new lore items, and as much story as possible.

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