Elder Scrolls Online: Best Templar Armor Sets

The Templar class in The Elder Scrolls Online is widely regarded as having the best combination of Tank-oriented and Healing-oriented spells in its toolbox among the game’s six classes. Templars are also good at dealing damage, but where they really shine is being able to keep their skills. allies alive with hybrid damage and buff abilities.

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Although the Templars tend towards the heavy and light armor sets available in The Elder Scrolls Online, some medium armor sets also provide good bonuses that the class can enjoy. The most useful armor set abilities for Templars tend to focus on tank and class support potential, while medium armor tends to focus on DPS.

The Medusa Set – Heavy Armor, Jewelry, Weapons

The Medusa armor set is an extremely useful set for Templars who spend most of their time up front, dealing blows as often as they receive them. With two, three, and four pieces of the set equipped, the player gains 657 Spell Critical with each progression, and with five items, the Templar gains an additional 892 Spell Critical. Additionally, with a full set of five, the player gains the Minor Strength buff at all times, increasing critical hit damage by 10%.

While it doesn’t necessarily play fully into a tank or support build, the increase in Spell Critical makes it very useful for Templar hybrid builds. Increasing Spell Critical makes friendly healing and buff spells more often critical, and the Minor Force buff can help keep a DPS assault on the side.

Look for the Medusa in the Arx Corinium dungeon in Shadowfen, where coins drop from the various bosses and minibosses in the dungeon.

The Sentinel of Rkugamz Set – Light, Medium, Heavy Armor

Elder Scrolls Online Sentinel of Rkugamz Armor Sets

The Sentinel of Rkugamz armor set is a monster set that can only be found through the Indomitable questline and associated areas. It is divided into two pieces, a helmet and a shoulder piece. With one piece from the set equipped, the player receives a 4% bonus on healing completed, and with two pieces equipped, each healing ability will spawn a Dwemer Spider that heals and restores resources for 8 seconds.

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In terms of Support as a Templar play, there are few armor sets more useful than this. The Templar has many ways to heal and upgrade his allies, but can have difficulty healing in an area, unlike the Warden class. The Rkguamz Sentinel set is unfortunately not very useful if the Templar is not specifically specified as Support.

The helmet for this armor set can be found at the final boss in Darkshade Caverns in Veteran mode, while the shoulder piece can be found in Mal al-Ragath’s chest with the Undaunted.

The Marks of the Imperium Set – Heavy Armor, Jewelry, Weapons

Elder Scrolls Online Mark of the Imperium Armor Sets

The Brands of Imperium armor set is a fantastic tank-oriented armor set with bonus health, healing, and group-wide shield ability. With two and three pieces equipped, the set grants 1206 Max Health to the player each, and with four pieces, it increases the player’s healing received by 4%. With five pieces equipped, however, it grants an incredibly powerful shield to the player and all allies in an area around the player for six seconds, an effect that triggers every 12 seconds.

Some encounters can be difficult for Tank, whether it’s due to poor DPS handling or a mistake like pulling too much of a coin. When the encounter generally seems impassable, however, this set keeps allies alive and allows the Tank Templer to continue taking hits for them.

The Brands of Imperium armor set can be found in the White Gold Tower dungeon in the Imperial City, where it drops bosses and minibosses from the dungeon.

The Earthgore Set – Light, Medium and Heavy Armor

Elder Scrolls Online Earthgore Armor Sets

The Earthgore set is, like Rkguamz’s Sentinel set, a set of monsters only available through the Indomitable and made up of two pieces: a helmet and a shoulder. With one piece equipped, the set grants a 4% bonus to Healing Done, while with two pieces equipped, the Templar gains a special ability when healing targets with less than 50% health. A pool of blood will spawn under these friendly targets and heal the lowest health ally in their 10219 area over 10 seconds.

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This is an incredibly useful armor set for Support Templars, as the amount of healing is on par with fully upgraded Class Skills and Restoration Staff skills – although healing is over time. and not instantaneous. Still, it’s a must-have for players in the supporting role, not just Templars.

The helmet of this armor set drops from the final boss of Bloodroot Forge in Veteran mode, while the shoulder piece is found in Urgalag Chief-Bane’s chest using an Indomitable Key.

Hunding’s Rage Set – Craftable

Elder Scrolls Online Armor defines Hunding's rage

The Hunding’s Rage armor set is a craftable armor set that grants a variety of stamina based stat boosts to the Templar. At two and four items equipped, the player received 657 critical weapons, increasing the critical strike chance, while at three items equipped, the set gives 1096 maximum stamina. At five pieces equipped, it grants a fixed bonus of 300 weapon damage to the player.

Sets to manufacture The Elder Scrolls Online are, for the most part, made up of passive rather than active bonuses – there is no chance of getting a weapon damage bonus. The set is best used by DPS oriented dragon knights, although tanker dragon knights can try the set if they are confident enough of their support.

The Hunding’s Rage set can be crafted at the Broken Ark in Reaper’s March, Troll Slayer’s Gulch in the Rift, or Wether Fissure in Bangkorai.

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