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Enemy Territory now has a Story Campaign, thanks to Modder

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was an influential multiplayer experience, but it lacked a single player mode. Now a modder has created a story campaign.

Wolfenstein's enemy territory

Wolfenstein is a legendary name in video games. The original was one of the first first-person shooter games, when it was released in 1981, and since then the series has returned from time to time to bring players back into the Nazi hunting action.

In 2003, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was scheduled for release. Originally intended as an expansion pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, it was decided that it would become a standalone game. However, due to issues with the single player game of Enemy Territory, only multiplayer was made available.

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At the time, id and Activision said, “Despite the tremendous efforts of talented developers, the single player portion of the game did not progress as planned.” The multiplayer portion of Enemy Territory was to become a source of inspiration. There was even a “Last Man Standing” mode and the experience points gained to use for weapons would influence subsequent shooters, but the single player campaign was never meant to be.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was quite revolutionary for its time, being one of the first class-based shooter games to offer an experience progression system, which now seems standard for many online multiplayer shooters. But the game always felt like something was missing without a single player campaign, which can be so important in establishing a shooter’s presence and credibility.


However, a modder known as William Faure gave Wolfenstein fans the chance to see what this campaign could have looked like. His mod creates a story campaign in a rather clever way, pulling together the maps of Enemy Territory to create a unified experience. There’s even a trailer, with decidedly retro graphics.

There will be a cooperative version of the mod that launches on November 30 and is currently being tested. To try out the Wolfenstein: Enemy Story Campaign mod, players will need to have Return to Castle Wolfenstein and an overhaul mod installed.

The solo mod is available on To smoke – where he is described as “the missing link in the classic Wolfenstein series” – and also on Mod DB. A trailer can be viewed here.

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