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If you are new to the world of online casinos, the concept of bonuses will still seem blurry to you. Is it really possible to play slots online for free with these promotions? The answer is yes!

But remember that bonuses are subject to the rule of playthrough and are not numbers to be withdrawn from the game account at will. It is also true that the bonus game volumes are very high and it is sometimes preferable to play the bonuses for fun rather than trying to win.

With that said, it’s time to explore the world of bonuses. Here you will find information on how bonuses work at online casinos, especially slot machines.

No deposit bonus

A much sought-after bonus, especially among young people or those new to the world of online casinos. This promotion allows you to start playing at the casino without investing a dime in the gaming account. In fact, this bonus allows you to play completely for free at your favorite casino. All the games are at your disposal and you don’t have to pay a single euro.

To get instant no deposit bonuses, you first need to register usually on some slot machines that offer it to you. Once registered, the no deposit bonus is awarded automatically.

Often to get the bonus you have to send the document to customer service for validation. An operation that you can carry out in a few seconds, by photographing the identity document and then sending it by email. It takes a few hours, but the bonus will be available soon for free fun.

Welcome bonus on online slots

The best online casinos offer a lot of bonuses to play completely for free. Thanks to the bonuses, you increase your chances of winning real money and having even more fun. Bonuses are free credits offered by casinos. Thanks to the bonuses, you can play all casino games for free. You can explore new casinos, try out games for free, and experience new games.

The welcome bonus is a bonus which usually consists of several parts, which is why it is also called a “package”. What you find most often is a first deposit bonus. This bonus multiplies the amount of the first deposit (sometimes multiplies it up to 4 times) and allows you to start playing in the rooms of the new casino with free credit. In addition to the first deposit bonus, it is common to receive a free bonus, a free spins bonus or a cashback bonus.

The welcome bonus allows you to familiarize yourself with the games room and try out the games you prefer.

First deposit bonus

A key part of the welcome bonus is the first deposit bonus. Indeed, welcome bonuses are generally made up of several parts, a real package that offers several promotions at the same time.

The first deposit bonus usually doubles the amount you deposited. Some casinos may multiply your deposit by 100%, thus doubling the amount you deposited. An advantage, because if for example you deposit € 100 you start playing with € 300 (the additional amount of the bonus is invoiced in a separate conot).

The first deposit bonus increases your bankroll from the moment you enter the new casino. An opportunity to have an extra amount available to play and have fun for free.

Cash back bonus

The cashback bonus is a very popular bonus in the USA, England and Anglo-Saxon countries in general. It is also starting to take hold in other European countries as it is a competitive promotion and players are asking for it more and more. If you want you can try play slots online on some casino sites that offer a cashback bonus of € 150 on the first deposit.

The cashback bonus works very simply. For starters, you can make a real money deposit at the casino. To get the bonus you need to play for real money the casino games you are most interested in. If you are unlucky and you lose an amount, there is no problem thanks to the cashback bonus, the casino will reimburse it by debiting it from the game account (subject to conditions)

Free Online Slots Spins Bonus

The free spins bonus is one of the most exciting bonuses in the UK. It’s a bonus that allows you to have fun! In fact, free spins are free games on slot machines. This does not seem to be true for slot machine players, who can play their favorite game without breaking the bank.

To get the free spins bonus you can join the best online casinos that offer it, make your first deposit .. and that’s it. The free spins bonus is awarded automatically and allows you to have a lot of fun with the casino’s online slots. Sometimes you can play the bonus on any slot machine you want. Other times you can only play on certain slot machines.

VIP Club

VIP clubs at online casinos are reserved for players who like to bet large amounts. Also known as the big players, these players have the money to bet very hard. If you belong to this category of players, we recommend that you take advantage of the benefits of VIP clubs.

VIP clubs are clubs reserved for high-rollers. When you register, you can access reserved tournaments, special promotions and free bonuses. an account manager is also assigned, who makes personalized offers and follows in the online game. If you participate in a VIP club, you can easily win tickets to football matches or sporting events, receive birthday gifts and much more. If you are a player who likes to bet hard, we recommend that you join a casino that offers this type of promotion.

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