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Everything a New Pokémon Stadium Should Include

It’s been more than 20 years since the last title of the Pokemon Stadium series, and a new game would need a particular set of features to not only meet the standards of the series, but to justify its creation. the Pokemon Stadium titles originally offered Pokemon fans a way to use their Pokémon from the original games and battle them in 3D on a TV screen. Since the series went fully 3D with X and Ythe need for a game like Pokemon Stadium has declined, and the Nintendo Switch allows the games to be played either on a handheld or on a TV screen, which takes even more of the Stadiumunique attributes of.


Subsequent Pokemon home console games, such as the neglected Pokemon Colosseum title on GameCube and Pokemon Battle Revolution on Wii was inspired by the Stadium series, but show significant deviations that indicate the diminishing need for a Stadiumlooking like a game since even before the main series went 3D. Despite this, the Stadium The series is a beloved classic that some fans want to see return in some capacity. After the release of New Pokemon Snap 22 years after the original, the return of Pokemon Stadium may not be entirely impossible.

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Pokemon Stadium is best known for its challenging battles and collection of mini-games. Although minigames are very popular, it would be better if they were excluded from a new Pokemon Stadium Game. A separate mario party would be a better way to get the most out of the minigames fans love, with the option to include a lot more of them as well as plenty of game boards for extra play value. Instead, a new Pokemon Stadium the game should focus on the “stadium” aspect of the series; focusing on a particular niche of competitive combat features, a new Pokemon Stadium the game could be a successful complement to the main line Pokemon titles and remove some of the pressure for these features to be included in the main games themselves.

A new Pokémon Stadium must include tournament creation and online play

New Pokemon Stadium tournament mode

The main content of Pokemon Stadium games comes from the stadium mode, where coaches face eight opponents in a row to win a trophy. They’re already divided into different Pokémon-centric difficulties and rulesets, like the Small Cup where only unevolved Pokémon of a certain weight and size can participate. A new Pokemon Stadium can further expand its cuts by including challenges for new battle styles that were added after Pokemon Stadium 2. Double battles have become a staple of the series starting with Ruby and Sapphire, so a dual-battle stadium challenge is a natural fit. Triple Battles and Rotation Battles have also been added to the series with Black and whitebut were deleted in sun and moon. Focused on the fight, a Pokemon Stadium game would be a great place to reintroduce these fighting styles.

From there, a new Pokemon Stadium title is a great place to offer custom tournament creation. Whether they’re playing VGC or another online competition Pokemon game format, all kinds of players can benefit from a tournament creation function. They can set tournament rules, Pokemon allowed, time limits, number of participants and open it up to friends or online players. If it can adapt to different types of tournaments, such as round robin, single elimination or Swiss style, it will solidify Pokemon Stadium as an indispensable tool for fans interested in competitive gaming.

New Pokémon Stadium Gym Leader Castle Should Be Replaced With PWT

New Pokemon Stadium Gym Leader Castle PWT

Instead of the Gym Leader Castle from the original Pokemon Stadium games, a new Pokemon Stadium should expand its stadium to include the Pokémon World Tournament, or PWT, of Gen 5 Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. In this fan-favorite battle facility, players compete in tournaments themed around Gym Leaders and Champions from different regions. Include the PWT in a new Pokemon Stadium the game would be a much better alternative to a Gym Leader Castle; players already face numerous coaches in a row in regular stadium challenges, and the PWT’s tournament style can help introduce new players to the format for later online play. This PWT could include all Gym Leaders and Trial Captains, Champions and even Elite Four members – who have been excluded from Black 2 and White 2‘s PWT – in the series so far. Another group of trainers who could potentially be included in this PWT are the Frontier Brains of emerald and Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

A battle frontier may be included in a new Pokémon stadium game

New Pokemon Stadium Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier did not appear in a Pokemon game since HeartGold and SoulSilver. As the Pokemon Stadium series itself, the Battle Frontier – a collection of competitive level single-player combat challenges – has lost much of its purpose for being included in newer games. To best complete Battle Frontier’s myriad challenges, players would need competitively level Pokemon teams, but IV breeding and EV training used to be incredibly difficult. X and Y. At the time when the process of creating a competitive-level Pokémon team was easier to learn, the series’ online functionality also improved dramatically. As more and more player efforts are devoted to online gaming, with its infinite replay value as well as the practical value of battling against a real opponent, it makes sense to prioritize online and competitive features. rather than a much more limited single-player experience that follows the Pokemon the games’ already single-player story campaign.

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But a brand new Pokemon Stadium a game that focuses on competitive-level styles of play might warrant the inclusion of special battle facilities to help balance the standard battles that would take place in Stadium Cups and PWT. This Battle Frontier might have brand new facilities distinct from those found in emerald, Platinumand HeartGold and SoulSilver – though the Tower and Factory should return as they always have – and players can trade the BPs they earn for items to use with their Pokemon teams. A new Pokemon Stadium the game should have House compatibility to give players some use of the Pokemon they have stored, but it also means they’ll need a way to earn items from Pokemon Home only transfers and stores Pokémon but cannot store any items.

“Trainers’ School” in New Pokémon Stadium Should Focus on Building Competitive Teams

New Pokemon Stadium Trainer School Academy

Because a new Pokemon Stadium the game is expected to focus on competitive level battles, the game’s trainer school, or Pokemon academy as it was called Pokemon Stadium 2, should focus on teaching players how to prepare competitive teams, as well as the basic rules for common competitive formats such as VGC. Players will know the basics of gameplay such as the effects of status issues and the uses of held items and abilities just by playing the mainline games, especially since newer titles can sometimes have extended tutorials via their own schools of trainers. It is important for players to instead learn what EVs and IVs do in Pokemon, and how to train and breed for them, respectively. As an inherently more advanced game, the tutorials should cover advanced topics, which will help players who have never been involved in building competitive teams before.

A new Pokemon stadium should have a daycare (customizable)

New Pokemon Stadium Daycare

To finalize a new Pokemon Stadium game as a hub for competitive-level play, it is expected to include a customizable nursery where trainers can raise and hatch eggs. Using House connectivity, players can breed Pokémon they’ve transferred from previous games even if they can’t be sent to the latest games, like some of the old-gen starters that are still missing from sword and shield. Players will be more incentivized to transfer Pokémon into House if they can all be used in a game like Pokemon Stadium, and it will also give them the opportunity to try out breeding Pokémon IV themselves after hearing about it at the in-game Trainer School. Daycare can also be where players can award EVs to their Pokemon, giving them the chance to try out different EV distributions and see how much they can affect a Pokemon’s performance. This feature will be especially crucial for Pokémon stuck in House and cannot be transferred to later games where they can get EVs normally.

Something that may offer players the ability to express themselves more cosmetically is the ability to customize their daycare with furniture that can be earned by playing through the PWT and Battle Frontier. This will give players a non-combat based activity reminiscent of receiving special furniture and viewing their game room in 3D in Pokemon Stadium 2. Since Pokemon Daycare would be the cornerstone of team building in a new Pokemon Stadium game, it would be a fantastic bonus for players to be able to customize it to their liking.

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