EXCLUSIVE: Atari announces Food Fight remake

Atari announces a remake of its 1983 arcade classic Food Fight with modern 3D graphics, a variety of game modes, and online multiplayer.

Atari, one of the oldest and most iconic brands in the video game industry, announces a remake of its classic game Food fight.

The remake, simply titled Food fight, seeks to update the original title, first released in 1983, to provide an experience that should appeal to modern audiences. Rebuilt from the ground up but taking inspiration from the arcade classic, Food fight will include “3D graphics, charming new characters and updated game mechanics with online multiplayer support. ”The game is developed by Mega Cat Studios in partnership with Atari.

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Food fight follows the story of Charley Chuck, a young boy whose passion and desire for ice cream gets him in trouble with a bunch of evil chefs. In order to claim their delicious prize, players will have to use “speed and cunning” to outsmart their opponents while raining food-based mayhem in “intense open combat”.

In addition to online multiplayer, Food fight also offers single player and cooperative modes in a “plethora of potential game scenarios “obtained through procedurally generated environments. In order to conquer the kitchen, players will be able to choose from over 30 weapons, items and” special pickups “with unique attributes such as” slippery “or “sticky”. “

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Food fight is the first game to mark Atari’s renewed focus on high-end video game development and will be one of the first exclusive titles on the company’s latest console, the Atari VCS which launched in June 2021 The Atari VCS is branded as a part desktop, part retro console and is equipped with a variety of classic games from the publisher’s catalog. The Atari VCS is also capable of running most modern games, functioning as a streaming box as well.

“We have promised fans new Atari content for the VCS and are delighted to unveil this fresh and modern take on a favorite classic video game – a game only Atari could curate and bring with love and expertise to the VCS first,” said Atari VCS COO. Michel Arzt. “The achievement wouldn’t be possible without the passionate and dedicated team at Mega Cat Studios, and we couldn’t be more grateful for bringing the Food fight in the modern age where fans old and new alike will appreciate all the messy chaos this unique title has to offer.

Mega Cat Studio is known for its work on several successful indie games including Bite the bullet and Little jellyfish. The company has also made a name for itself creating and releasing new games for classic video game consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System and SEGA Genesis. These include titles such as Meat, phantom equipment and Billionaire banshee.

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We’ve been working closely with the Atari team for some time now, we’re excited to finally announce this amazing game, and can’t wait to unveil more wacky, fun and innovative games. Food fight gameplay, characters and other details as development continues, ”said James Deighan, CEO of Mega Cat Studios.

Food fight will launch in early 2022 as an Atari VCS exclusive and release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC at a later date.

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