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Fable’s slow development could improve the future of Playground games

Although Fable was announced a long time ago, neither Playground Games nor Microsoft have commented on the game’s release date. There are some signs that the game is on the horizon, but until Playground confirms a release, fans will officially be left in the dark. All potential Fable release windows are difficult to predict because there has been little information about how FableDevelopment is ongoing. Luckily for Xbox owners and RPG fans, a former Fable developer recently offered a look at the state of Fable and Playground’s approach to play.


Juan Fernandez, Fable‘s former combat designer, says that FableDevelopment has been slow so far for the reason fans would expect: Playground just doesn’t have much inherent experience with RPGs. Playground fame is the Forza Horizon line of racing games, which are always well received, but they are obviously completely different from a fantasy RPG like Fable. Fernandez suggests that Playground is upbeat and ambitious despite the slow pace, which is a good sign for Playground’s future. FableDeveloping can prove to be an invaluable learning experience for the studio that leads to major projects beyond Fable.

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The value of slow Fable development

A fairy landing next to a skull and a rusty sword in the forest during the Fable 4 trailer

For the fans, it’s understandably sad to hear that Fable is moving slowly, but for Playground Games, that’s a good thing for several reasons. Naturally, slow development improves Fableto meet expectations, as Playground is less likely to rush into key details. However, the studio itself has a better chance of growing by working on Fable at a careful and diligent pace. A leisurely development process lets Playground savor the experience of working with an RPG for the first time, meaning it’s more likely to learn lessons, master new development skills, and expand. its capabilities as a studio.

Playground Games has hired some serious talent to Fable, and some of these talents have experience working on major RPGs, but there’s a good chance a few long-time Playground devs are working on Fable also, whether or not they have RPG expertise. If so, then FableNew hires can help long-time developers better understand the structure of RPGs, allowing new development skills to permeate the studio, rather than remaining isolated from new developers. Fable could be an amazing learning experience for Playground Games staff thanks to its unfamiliar genre.

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Playground’s next big experience


No matter how Fable itself is received, Xbox fans should expect to see Playground Games announce another non-racing game sometime after. Fable fate. After learning the ropes of RPG development through Fable, it wouldn’t be surprising if Playground decides to create its own fantasy RPG franchise. Playground might even try to reach out and experience another entirely different genre. Whether he decides to make a platformer or a horror game, there are all sorts of creative directions Playground Games could follow. Fable, as long as he has the confidence to keep experimenting.

Fans should also note that Fernandez described an ingenious attitude within Playground Games that bodes well for future games. Although Fable development is moving slowly, it looks like Playground Games is excited about the work they are doing and trying to move efficiently; he is not intimidated by his own inexperience. This makes more experiments even more likely in the future, despite Playground’s history of sticking to a single IP address in the Forza Horizon Games. the Fable revival is fantastic news in itself, considering FablePlayground’s history as a classic RPG, but this could be even better news for Playground’s future as an Xbox developer.

Fable is in development.

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