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Famous Video Game Magazine “A Deep Waste of Time” Gets a Reprint

Image: Nintendo’s Life

There are video game magazines, and then there is A deep waste of time. More an homage to the art of making games than anything else, this post has so far featured two issues and featured Toby Fox, Ashly Burch, Rami Ismail, Keita Takahashi, Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Jenny Jiao Hsia, discussing and dissection games like Subtitle, Knight Shovel, 2064: Read-only memories, Katamari Damacy, Tetris effect and more.

Created by London designer Caspian Whistler, APWOT leveraged Kickstarter to secure funding, with the first issue raised £ 39,000 and the second £ 62,165. Now, due to popular demand, both issues are reprinted – also via Kickstarter – and with 16 days of funding remaining the campaign has already raised £ 89,590 (at time of writing).

Whistler was kind enough to send us copies of both issues, and it almost seems unfair to call it a “magazine.” It’s more like a tabletop book, with a gorgeous design, high production values, and wonderfully insightful features. The fact that it’s the developers speaking here gives the whole project a refreshing and candid vibe, and the design work is fantastic. Oh, and it smells really good too.

If you like what you see, be sure to put some money aside and support the reprint, which of course will support the whole project in the future.

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