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Football teams suspend match to support players’ accusations against coach

As the National Women’s Football League resumed play, teams competing throughout the day interrupted their matches in a display of unity.

On Wednesday, October 6, the professional football league returned to action for the first time since its hiatus last week in light of player allegations against the since-fired coach North Carolina Courage. Paul riley. The three games that took place on October 6 were all cut short at six minutes as players from both teams tied their arms on the center circle.

The National Women’s Soccer League Players Association, which represents female players in the league, said in a declaration posted on social media on October 6 that the gesture was a demonstration of support for Sinead farrelly and Maya shim. In an investigation report published by Athleticism On Thursday, September 30, the two women charged Riley with alleged abusive behavior.

“The teams will stop playing in each of tonight’s games in the 6th minute,” the union’s message read. “The players will come together in solidarity in the center circle for a minute in recognition of the 6 years it took Mana, Sinead and all those who fought too long to be heard.” The union too detailed a list of requests for the league regarding abusive conduct investigations.