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Forspoken female cast breaks video game mold

Forspoken features a diverse cast of female characters, both bad and good, unlike many AAA video games that only use women as plot devices.

Until recently, most AAA video games without customizable characters featured some type of protagonist: a male, often white, with an athletic build and either a pleasant or a stoic personality. The witcher‘s Geralt of Rivia is a prime example, as is Splinter Cell ‘Sam Fisher, Red Dead Redemptionis John Marston, and The last of us‘Joel Miller. Square Enix’s next open-world RPG sorry, however, refreshingly presents not just a female protagonist, but a cast made up mostly of women.

In recent years, female video game characters have evidently avoided relegation as love interests, quest givers, and plot devices. Women have played leading roles in games like Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us Part 2, where they received respectful treatment and character development to showcase their own personalities and strengths. Although these have made significant strides in representation, sorry is the first game in recent memory to feature a predominantly female primary cast. It’s not the first with a female lead role, but rarely has the games included so many women in so many roles.

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In sorry, protagonist Frey Holland is teleported to the fantasy world of Athia. There she is able to use magical abilities thanks to her talking bracelet, Cuff, as they work together to defeat the evil Tantas – “almighty destructive and twisted matriarchs that dominate Athiaas developer Luminous Productions described them. So far, very little has been revealed about the game, but sorryThe trailer for PlayStation Showcase 2021 gave a glimpse of its history and revealed a bunch of new characters.

Forspoken’s female cast could highlight the complex women in the game

Forspoken All Women Throw Enemies

Tasked with saving her new world, Frey fulfills the role of the classic “Chosen One” trope, but with a modern twist: She’s not the typical stoic hero, forced to complete their epic quest, and neither is she. described gloomy or desperate. Like many young people today, she seems to view her new powers and her surroundings in awe, seeing it as an incredible adventure. She seems to want to go home, but Athia is also elated by her situation.

New sorry The trailer also features the game’s antagonist, Tanta Sila. Considered the most powerful of the Tantas, she seems to easily defeat Frey with a few attacks. Johedy and Auden support Frey, fulfilling the roles of mentor and friend respectively. Aside from Cuff, voiced by English actor Jonathan Cake, all names sorry so far the character is played by a woman. It doesn’t seem to introduce anyone close to the gruff, dark, brooding male characters so often featured in AAA video games; even the character seen briefly in the opening seconds of the trailer, beating Frey in New York City, is a female presentation.

sorryThe so far predominantly female cast of is an important opportunity to present diverse and complex portrayals of women in video games, not supersexualized portrayals relegated to one-dimensional characteristics. If executed well, the game could break the mold of the AAA video game cast and set a new precedent for the generally male-centric media.

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sorry is slated to launch on PlayStation 5 and PC in Spring 2022.

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