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Gameplay leak shows Ubisoft’s Fortnite-style PvP game ‘Project Q’

Ubisoft has started inviting players to test out a new Fortnite-style PvP game, “Project Q.”

Closed test invites seen by VGC describe the game as “an innovative and modern PvP battle arena game”, and the leaked images (embedded below) are reminiscent of Epic’s hugely popular battle royale title.

As per Ubisoft’s invitation, Project Q is in early development and contains unpolished gameplay.

“One of the main goals of this first playable closed test is to get your thoughts on the team’s vision for this new game concept and the core gameplay experience,” he says.

According to prolific leaker Tom Henderson, Project Q is being developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux, the studio that has typically provided support for games in the Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six series.

Project Q is said to have two game modes; “Showdown”, which is the game’s version of a Battle Royale consisting of four teams of two players, and “Battle Zone”, a mode in which two teams of four players compete to control an area of ​​the map for as long as possible.

Players can choose their heroes’ weapons, abilities, and skills, with one player being able to choose three individual “wonders” that can be mixed and matched.

The weapons look particularly unique, with the game’s arsenal including a deck of cards, fireworks, hammers, sticks, and paint guns.

Project Q is yet another title first named in the now infamous Nvidia GeForce Now games leak.

The GeForce Now database leak revealed several unannounced titles that would be confirmed later, such as the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake and a remaster of Chrono Cross.

Nvidia confirmed at the time that the leaked Geforce Now database listing containing God of War PC, Gears 6 and more was real, but claimed the games it contained were “speculative”.