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GTA Online Players Confused About Secret Mount Chiliad Bunker

Many Grand Theft Auto Online players were left puzzled after one posted an image of a hidden military base near the top of Mount Chiliad.


Rockstar Games has a knack for including intriguing details in its open-world games. This is more apparent than ever in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, with each title offering new Easter eggs and puzzles that leave players searching for clues years after release. Fortunately, grand theft auto online is no exception, with ghosts haunting Mount Gordo to aliens, giving Rockstar fans a plethora of new mysteries to chew on. However, none of these secrets are more prevalent within the community than the mysteries surrounding GTA online Mount Chiliad.


One of the main reasons grand theft auto online is so hugely popular to this day due to the nearly limitless referrals, oddities, and unexpected encounters players can experience across the game’s various regions of Los Santos and Blaine County. After all, several recent GTA online UFO encounters have captured the spirit of the playerbase for centuries, proving that the mysterious atmosphere and unpredictability of the open world are still going strong.

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Now another mysterious secret takes over GTA online community by storm, as many gamers are feeling perplexed after Reddit user FiskerGuten shared their findings from a secret location in Blaine County. Specifically, the user captured the image while exploring the rugged peaks of the Mount Chiliad district. The post in question shows FiskerGuten stumbling through the gray entrance doors of a nuclear bunker silo marked “B77”.

A region already infamous for its bizarre GTA online observations, FiskerGuten’s post went viral with over 6,100 upvotes as many users gathered to speculate and debate the significance of the Mount Chiliad Missile Launch Facility. Although, despite all the hysteria surrounding the base, more experienced players will know that its presence has a surprisingly simple answer.

For the uninitiated, to give gamers more to see and explore in the nearly nine-year-old game, Rockstar has pumped grand theft auto online with countless expansions and updates that in some cases change the environment of the mode. A DLC that adds a whole new locale to the map is The Doomsday Heist featured at GTA online in 2017. This update features a storyline that sees the return of deuteragonist Lester Crest and a new antagonist, billionaire Avon Hertz. It is in the final DLC mission where players invade the bunker owned by Avon and escape through the silo doors in the picture using a jetpack.

In short, despite the age grand theft auto online that is, players always catch up on all the secrets that beautify the map. Fortunately, as the game is regularly updated to date, it seems likely that Rockstar will continue to add more mysteries to the game as the community scrambles to find clues and answers.

grand theft auto online is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions also in development.

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