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Halo Honest Trailer Reminds Fans Game Adaptations Can Still Be Bad

Honest Trailers releases a video for Halo Season 1, highlighting the talk surrounding the series that has divided dedicated fans.

Halo season 1 gets the Honest Trailer treatment. The TV adaptation of the hit video game franchise premiered on Paramount+ earlier this year. Long to come, Halo was originally announced in 2013 as a movie with Steven Spielberg attached before finding its home at Paramount+. Upon its release, Halo viewers divided, facing criticism from loyal fans.

Addicted to the screen officially released an honest trailer for Halo season 1, highlighting the many grievances fans had with the show. Specifically, it identifies notable departures from the beloved video game. The most recognizable change showed a lot of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 and walks away from the IP, who barely sees him through his helmet. Watch the video below.


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The honest trailer also highlights the dated graphics that fell flat and the fact that viewers only get a small glimpse of the Halo despite it being so beloved throughout the show. Also, the reasoning behind why Master Chief and his Spartans want the Halo is pretty vague. In general, it seems fans are more disappointed Halo they are impressed. He certainly had big shoes to fill, as the game was released over 21 years ago and is held in high regard by avid fans. However, many pointed out that it seemed like the showrunners preferred a more cliched sci-fi plot to drive the story forward, appealing to a generic audience rather than fans of the game. With season 2 confirmed, we can only hope the showrunners will take advice from their audience and improve Halo season 1.

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Source: Screen Addicts

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